These 2021 Horror Films Will Chill Your Blood!

2021 was an amazing year where horror movies are concerned. There were more than 10 awesome underrated horror movies released in 2021 with talented actors, writers, producers and directors that did not get a lot of limelight. However, these 2021 horror hidden gems must be appreciated because of how frightening they are. 

Here are the best horror 2021 movies to watch this year! 

  • Horror in the High Desert: This movie is a wonderful example of the best indie gem that got released in 2021. It is definitely one of the best horror movies you haven’t seen 2021. Horror in the High Desert quickly set itself apart in the list of horror movies released in 2021 with good acting and well-put-together mockumentaries. 
  • Escape Room: Tournament of Champions: Imagine being trapped in a place that you cannot get out of! Scary, isn’t it? Well, if you are a fan of survival and trapped movies, Escape Room: Tournament of Champions is going to be just your cup of tea. The film shows six individuals who unwillingly get trapped in different escape rooms and they must collaborate to break free. During this time, they learn quite a bit about themselves and who they are as individuals. Viewers are in for a world of surprises because as the movie continues, people start realizing that they have actually played these games before. 
  • Last Night In Soho: Last night in Soho is an interesting horror film set in 1960s London. The director Edgar Wright has done a brilliant job in portraying a vintage Brit-horror movie. This film is about a girl, Eloise, who is from the countryside but moves to London to study fashion. But her life takes an interesting turn when she rents a room in Soho. She travels back in time where girls walk around in go-go boots and miniskirts. That is when she notices Anya Taylor-Joy, another young woman like her who was an aspiring singer. But it takes a grotesque turn when she starts getting unexplainable flashbacks of a murder that took place in the very same room. It is an interesting watch as you follow the life of Eloise. It will surely give you goosebumps. 
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  • Lamb: Lamb is a horror movie that you don’t want to miss. The visual tricks in the movie do a great job, thanks to the FX team that diligently worked on it. They have made sure that everything is a thousand times creepier. It is about a couple in Iceland who take special interest in the litter after a sheep delivers her baby. It is an unusual metaphor of parenting its inherent need to nurture that might take another turn. This movie will be one of the most touching and the sweetest waking nightmare for you. So, it is definitely worth a watch! 
Hope this list helps you quench your thirst for some horror movies that you can enjoy during this dark winter.

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