These TV Serials Vamps Are Too Much To Handle!

When you sit down to watch any Indian TV serial, you know you are in for a lot of drama and unwanted masala. We, as an audience, are more interested to know that who is playing the antagonist part more than knowing the protagonist. Who needs a Tulsi when you have Mandira? The same old age concept of a heroine being the victim who falls prey to the awful tactics of the vamp but sooner or later, fights against all odds to win over the vampire. They cycle continues for the next season, too (only the faces might change!) While Bollywood has played with male villains, Indian serials are still stuck at - Sautan & Saheli concept and a cold war between the both to win over the hero! Well, the fashion game is so predictable that whenever a woman with big fat bindi, over-the-top makeup and a blingy saree enters the arena, the vamp style music starts playing in the background, and you instantly know, okay! She is the vamp. Though we know that Indian serials are far from reality, these vamps are too much to handle:

Rashmi Desai (Uttaran)

[caption id="attachment_13584" align="alignnone" width="300"]Indian serials GIF credits: Make A Gif[/caption] The cute and bubbly Rashmi Desai essayed the role of Tapasya in the hit TV show Uttaran where she plots against her best friend. Well, it was okay at the start, but as the show progressed, Tapasya was shown in such a bad light that it almost started looking fake. Tapasya's character was portrayed so negatively that she never got tired of plotting and had the legit stamina to ruin everyone's life.

Komolika (Kasauti Zindagi Kay)

[caption id="attachment_13585" align="alignnone" width="220"]Indian serials GIF credits: Tenor[/caption] The character of Komolika, played by Urvashi Dholakia, takes the award home when it comes to listing down the famous vamps of Indian TV serials. You will fail to find any article on the internet that doesn't have Komolika's name when it comes to listing Indian TV serial vamps. Though the character immensely helped Urvashi in her career, a woman being only after a guy and his empire is a concept that sounds problematic AF. It seems like Ekta Kapoor tried really hard to make the audience hate Komolika's character to the core, and to achieve it all, the serial showed Komolika marrying multiple men in the Basu family to get one guy (What?)

Ammaji (Na Aana Is Des Laado)

[caption id="attachment_13587" align="alignnone" width="300"]Indian serials Image credits: VOOT[/caption] Not only the vamp, but everything shown in this show was problematic AF. Actor Meghna Malik essayed the character of Ammaji, who did so many cruel things that you can't help but think about how to handle this negative stuff. She was narrow-minded, insensitive, conservative and patriarchal even after being a woman herself. People like Ammaji exists? Well, as a woman, you wouldn't like to believe so.

Adaa Khan (Naagin 2)

[caption id="attachment_13588" align="alignnone" width="300"]Indian serials GIF credits: India Forums[/caption] We are just rethinking that a show like Naagin exists? Yes, it does! How much the Indian audience loved the show, Naagin is clear from the fact that the serial is currently gearing up for its 6th season. Adaa Khan, who essays the role of Shesha, constantly planned and plotted against the main lead. Ekta Kapoor, while establishing this role, took the phrase 'Aasteen ka saanp' too seriously.

Mandira (Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi)

[caption id="attachment_13590" align="alignnone" width="300"]Indian serials Image credits: Biographia[/caption] Actor Mandira Bedi rose to fame after playing the antagonist Mandira in Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi, which is probably India's longest-running Television show. She was the worst of the worst. Indian mothers used to pray that they get a daughter-in-law like Tulsi and not Mandira. The character of Mandira was shown as a husband snatcher, which is problematic on another level.

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