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03 Jun, 2023
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Treat To The Eyes: 4 Underrated Belly Dancers In India

Belly dance is widespread across the world, and the dance form has emerged with various revolutions and more advanced styles. Though the dance form is originally from Egypt, belly dance is very famous in India. There are many underrated belly dancers in India that you probably didn’t know, but their belly dance is a treat to your eyes. 

Here are the 4 underrated belly dancers in India:

Payal Gupta


belly dance

Image credits:

Since the tender age of seven, Payal Gupta has always been patient about various dance forms. While pursuing her engineering degree in college, Payal used to take dance classes throughout her college life. However, as she grew up, her passion for belly dance increased that made her showcase her talent to the world. She learnt belly dance from famous dance instructors, including Nadia Nikishenko from Russia and Sadie Marquardt from America. 

Style: Payal’s style is mainly a fusion of Egyptian and Arabic dance forms. She performs her style with utmost control and precision. Payal Gupta’s dance style also includes modern contemporary and Bollywood freestyle. 

Check out Payal’s belly dance here:

Maya Elixir

belly dance

Image credits: Facebook/Maya Elixir

Maya Elixir started her dance career at the age of 6 as she pursued the Indian Classical dance form, Kathak. Throughout her school life and college life, Maya was an active participant in folk dance and Bollywood style. After learning many dance forms, it was belly dance that caught Maya’s eyes, and she went on to pursue a career in it by starting her training on the internet. It’s fascinating to know that she started her training on the internet and didn’t learn under a belly dance teacher. 

Style: Maya’s style is tribal fusion. Since she has learned many dance forms, her style reflects a mixture of all the dance forms. 

Check out Maya’s belly dance here:

Dipika Vijay

belly dance

Image credits: Dipika Vijay

Dipika Vijay calls herself a ‘movement artist’ who specializes in belly dance as an art form. Vijay belongs from Mumbai, India and started her journey 10 years ago. She instantly got attracted to the exotic rhythms of belly dancing, and Dipika began to explore the science of the human body and its movement. After understanding the internal mechanisms of the body in belly dance, she now teaches her students the technique of breath control and sensations to produce high-quality belly dance movements. Dipika has travelled to many countries, including Shanghai, Oakland, Portland, Las Vegas, San Francisco and Cairo, to upgrade her belly dance skills

Style: Dipika’s style is unique as she focuses on movements to create her form and form to create thoughts. Her style also includes a touch of tribal form. Dipika’s style is a combination of strong dance posture and travel patterns. 

Check out Dipika’s belly dance here:

Leena Viie

belly dance

Image credits: Leena Viie

Leena Viie is based in Mumbai, India. While her main dance form is belly dance, she has also cross-trained herself in other dance forms to incorporate different techniques into her performances as a belly dancer. Leena has received her training from renowned belly dance instructors in the UK, USA and Egypt. She has even organized many belly dance festivals all over India.

Style: Leena’s style is middle-eastern fusion with central Asian ancestral roots. She has developed a dance style that is graceful and very individualistic. 

Check out Leena’s belly dance here:


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