Chic And Classy Hairstyles For Older Women

There are many celebrities who Look as graceful in their 60s as they looked in their 20s, proving that age is just a number. The common problem that every older woman faces is thinning hair. However, there are some modern hairstyles that one can opt for as they make your hair look fuller. The type of hairstyle that will suit you depends on many factors such as your face shape, the texture of your hair, and how much length you’d like.   Ready to get inspired?  

Short Pixie With Long Bangs

If you want to rock bangs in short hair, this is the best hairstyle to go for. After getting this type of hairstyle, one can say bye-bye to styling forever. Just running your fingers will set your hair in the most perfect way! Short pixie coupled with long bangs will add layers to your hair, thus making it appear voluminous.   American female actor, Jane Fonda killing the pixie look [caption id="attachment_7657" align="alignnone" width="1024"]jane fonda allure Image credits: Allure[/caption]

Layered Waves

  If you want to frame your face so that your hair hugs your face, layered waves are the hairstyle to go for. Long hair has its own magic, and the wavy texture will provide them with that extra charm.   Timeless fashion icon Madonna acing the layered waves look [caption id="attachment_7658" align="alignnone" width="768"]madoona Good Housekeeping credits: Good Housekeeping[/caption]  

Out Curls

  Who said you couldn’t rock brushed-out curls in short hair? They are the glam version of beachy waves and perfect for a usual afternoon brunch or glitzy dinner date! Out Curls are the best way to add texture and volume to your hair.   The evergreen beauty Sharmila Tagore rocking the out curls look sharmila tagore India.com  

Centre - Parted 

  The centre-parted style might be old, but it’s a classic! It’s a fail-safe trend, and you really can’t go wrong with a centre - parted hairstyle. Due to the versatility of this hairstyle, you can go ahead and don a curly or straight hair centre - parted look   American singer Cher killing the centre - parted look in her own way [caption id="attachment_7660" align="alignnone" width="1024"]cher DailyTalkiez Image credits: Daily Talkiez[/caption]  

Wavy Bob

  Bob haircuts are so flattering, and one can go for many looks like wavy bob, sleek bob, classic bob, feathery bangs with bob. This type of hairstyle will add a dimension to your face and make you look more youthful.   Can you take your eyes off the wavy bob hairstyle donned by the stunning Jessica Lange? [caption id="attachment_7661" align="alignnone" width="1024"]Jessica Lange Pinterest Image credits: Pinterest[/caption]

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