Clean Your Closet By Opting For Sustainable Fashion

As the name suggests, sustainable fashion is the way of manufacturing and designing clothes that maximize the benefit of the fashion industry and minimizes its impact on the environment. Everybody loves fashion, be it fun outfits or quirky accessories, but we need to be aware of the fact that grown with toxic pesticides and fertilizers harm the environment, farmers and producers. Did you know that 4 to 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions is contributed by the fashion industry? Sustainable fashion helps the environment by cutting down the CO2 emissions, reducing pollution and waste, addressing overproduction and ensuring biodiversity. Not only does it helps the environment, but it also ensures that workers are paid a fair wage and creating a safe work environment for them are all a crucial aspect of sustainable fashion.

What Are Sustainable Fabrics?

Any fabric that has been used previously is a type of sustainable fabric. Recycled fabrics can also be categorized as sustainable fabrics. If you are looking for one, look for a 100% recycled polyester tag the next time you go shopping. Even organic fibres use fewer chemicals and less water.

How Can You Clean Your Wardrobe With Sustainable Fashion?

Buy clothes from sustainable fashion brands

Though there's no such thing as eco-friendly clothing as all the garments, have some negative impact on the environment but more and more clothing brands are coming up with bright ideas to reduce the fashion industry's contribution to global warming. Look for brands who are out there making a difference!

Shop secondhand

Many websites are selling secondhand clothes; consider them to add to your closet. Shopping secondhand will give an edge to your fashion game; you can literally mix and match so many outfits and get inspired.

Know what you are wearing

Why is it that we always look for ingredients before putting anything in our mouth, but we are not fully aware of what is going in the making of an outfit that we are wearing? Did you know that virgin synthetics such as polyester are derived from fossil fuels, a non-renewable resource? There are better materials out there; we just need to do our research and make a smart decision.

Vegan fashion is not sustainable fashion

Along with sustainable fashion, vegan fashion is also taking the central stage in the fashion industry. Though vegan fashion is animal-friendly, vegan alternatives often contain synthetic, which is again detrimental to the environment. There are exciting innovations coming in that can be both sustainable and vegan, but it'll take some more time to reach you.

Recycle and reuse your clothes

The best and the simplest way to practice sustainable fashion is to always give your clothes a second life. Whenever you are cleaning your wardrobe, instead of throwing them away, try to resell them or donate to NGOs. For worn-out pieces, you can look for different recycling schemes. Fashion trends come and go, but sustainability will preserve the planet for a lifetime!

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