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26 Jun, 2022
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Dressing For Digital Meetings? Keep These Tips In Mind!

Since online conferences, Zoom calls, Google meet meetings, virtual parties, and dates have become the new normal these days, our phone screens and laptop screens have become our world for the last two years. So dressing for a digital meeting is a primary concern now!

For some people, virtual events might be comforting as they can put up their favourite outfit without any hesitation or fear of carrying it on the road in front of others. On the other hand, online events are also the best excuses to get out of your comfort zone and try out exciting experiments with your outfits, jewellery, and makeup.


Gone are days of getting ready from head to toe and looking for sandals that goes with your outfit. 

Since it is the phase of virtual meetings now, your only focus is on the top profile, which is visible on the screen. So you can give more time to your makeup and hair to steal all the attention. Now stop going with nude lipstick and winged eyeliner. Instead, use colourful liners with mascara and choose bright lip colour than usual. 

Try styling your eyes in something different way than usual, for instance, graphic eyeliners. For an experiment, you can also try bleaching your eyebrows for once with all the precautions. 

If you are not interested in a lot of experiments, try brushing your eyebrows with a blend of mascara and just add a lip tint, which gives you a glow and fresh look all day. 


You can always go with a sleek low bun for official purposes when talking about hair. When going out with friends or on a date, try straightening, curling, or crimping your hair other than your everyday look. 


If you want to make an average sleepwear T-shirt look fashionable, you just need to accessorize it with some fussy necklace and fancy earrings, and you are done. Similarly, get all the jewellery out of your wardrobe and style it with your everyday outfit. 

If you are out to shop for some jewellery, you can look for pearls, shells, beads or abstract design accessories in bronze, brass or silver metal. 

One of the styling tips for a virtual wedding would be to play with your hair accessories. 


When dressing for a virtual meet, you can wear dresses, tops, blazers, jackets, etc. Dresses with details on the neckline or the shoulders would go best with your office look. You can look fashionable enough for an office meeting by adding oversized bows or ties as well.  


Refrain from wearing any loose, ill-fit tops. These are not always a good option to consider when dressing for virtual meetings. They give you a casual and messy look in your professional life. 

How To Dress For An Online Party?

Are you confused about what to wear for an online party? Well, here are some general tips for you. A perfect idea for an online party is to wear bright and festive colours. 

If you opt for dark colours like black, dark blue, and dark brown, you might not be visible on the screen. After all, it is your friends, family and your loved ones, don’t be shy; dig out the best for yourself.

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