From Quilted Jackets to Parka Jackets, these are Perfect to add to your Winter Collection!

The chilling winter season is around the corner, and the weather patterns are favourable enough to welcome the harsh and snowy season. The season of extreme cold, although, is beneficial in many aspects, it causes a lot of confusion when it comes to fashion choices.  During summer and even in monsoon, we have various options to style. But, during winter, we are left with limited options for our attire. So, to make this season favourable for your looks, we have come up with a variety of the best winter jackets in India. Let’s get started! 

Quilted Jacket

In our list, the very first item is a quilted jacket. It is also known as extreme cold weather jackets India because of its suitability to prevent you from extreme cold conditions. Usually, the weather patterns are moderate in major parts of India. However, the temperature falls steeply if you move to high-altitude regions like the Himalayan and other northern states. So, to keep yourself warm besides looking attractive, you can opt for a quilted jacket.

Denim Jacket

A denim jacket over a plain t-shirt is one of the perfect combos that you can wear to get a stylish look. The pattern is highly preferable for casual outfits, as it fits best with jeans and trousers both. It is a good jacket during winter season as majority of Indian subcontinent has moderate cold conditions. Thus, you can wear these during November and February, when the temperature is at moderate level.


A blazer is the best fit for an official attire. As a regular office-going person, you can add blazers to get a highly professional look. In most cases, people prefer to wear navy blue or a similar blazer pattern. However, in present times, many patterns have emerged to add charm to your identity. So, you can choose wisely as per your personality. Also, the fabric used in blazers is good enough to protect you from extreme weather conditions. Thus, pairing a blazer with your attire can be a win-win situation for you.

Sweat Jacket

If you are a passionate gym lover or like to go on long-running sessions, you may like to go for something sporty. Keeping in mind your preferred choices, we suggest you sweat jackets. They are made of a downy sweatshirt with a full-length zipper that runs down the front. The zipper pattern is good to provide a sporty look besides providing comfort during your exercise sessions.  The best part about sweat jackets is their suitability for all seasons. This is why they are often considered the best winter jackets in India. Also read: Style your Trench Coat in 6 ways this Winter season

Leather Jacket

A calfskin goat is a perfect selection for party looks. Usually, we Indians have a bad habit of wearing anything at any function. For places like clubs, party halls, and others, it is good to show up masculinity, and there is no comparison to leather jackets in enhancing your looks for party lobbies. In addition to enhancing your looks, these jackets are great to protect you from chilling winters. So, you can add leather jackets to your winter collection.

Trench Coat

A trench coat is like a cover-up for your winter looks. You can even wear it as a snow coat. During snowy nights, going for outings with regular dress-ups is not feasible, as snow can add wetness to your dress. Additionally, the outside temperature differs from that of the inside. Thus, you can add trench coats to get gentleman-like looks while keeping yourself warm on harsh winter nights.


Windcheaters are flimsy texture coats that can protect you from chilling winter winds and light rainfall. The use of polyester gives a shiny look to these coat patterns. Thus, it provides you a classy look with your regular attire. The fabric used in these patterns is suitable enough to sustain in all weather patterns. Thus, it is one of the best winter jackets in India.

Parka Jacket

Parka jackets are hip-length jackets that are suitable to protect you from harsh winter nights besides giving you an eye-catching look. By wearing these jackets, you can be the show stealer of the night. Also, the fabric used in these jackets is loaded with down and warm manufactured fibre that provides an urban look along with preventing you from chilling weather nights. These are some best winter jackets in India. We hope that you can now make up your mind on what to add to your winter collection.

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