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13 Aug, 2022
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Glitter Eyeshadow Tips From Bollywood Divas

Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon Makeup always steals the show during thier public appearances. Both Deepika Padukone and Kriti Sanon enjoy their eye makeup due to their appealing eye configurations.While Deepika Padukone has always been amidst a gripping storyline with various eyeliners, Kriti Sanon seems to be a diva who understands the ins and outs of looking pretty.

If you want to wear the bold eyeliner look but you are uncomfortable with black kohl, try a soft brown smoky eye. You must make sure to address your lower lash line too. Gold glitter eyeshadow, winged eyeliner, groomed brows, and mascara should be the apparent finishing touches. However, you need to choose a paler lipstick shade to avoid overshadowing your eye makeup.

When it comes to Kriti Sanon, she isn’t afraid of wearing unusual clothing or using unconventional cosmetics. If you happen to refer to a color, her beautician will tell you it’s already been in her notice. She is trendy to the core, and if pink is your favorite, you should follow her makeup lead. You may allow the emphasis to be on your pink glitter eyeshadow. It indicates that a thick strip of eyeliner will help you go berserk at the much-awaited parties. Besides, a single coat of mascara will make you complete.

A golden eyeshadow makeup works well on all occasions. It is not just when you’re dressed up for a party. It provides you with a huge dose of inspiration from all walks of life. The kohl-orated eyes, thick coat of mascara, blushed cheeks, encased brows, breezy eyeshadow, pink lip gloss, and matte skin can be widely appreciated. The antique hairdo can suitably match your countenance with the addition of red roses. You will look all gorgeous and sparkling!

You won’t go wayward if you stick to gold glitter. You should try this incredible look if you don’t want to go for the kohl-rimmed look. A gold eyeshadow makeup will only add to the punch of a sparkly overt mini dress that will accentuate your public appearance. Apply gold eyeshadow to your eyelids and use a natural brown pencil to emphasize the outer edges and crease of your eyes. To draw more attention, choose black or brown kohl or brown eyeliner to perfection.

Are you a fan of winged eye makeup? Only a bold blue can make your gathering look edgy. To achieve the perfect wing, use a cobalt/royal blue eyeshadow pencil. Simultaneously, add a matching eyeshadow pigment to justify the color. Liquid glitter blue eyeliner should be the ultimate to define the hue you’ve placed on the eyelid. A complementary eyeliner application will suit the purpose.

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