Monsoon Haircare Tips: 5 Homemade DIY Hair Masks For Frizz-Free Locks

The monsoon is at its young age. And most of us are enjoying it by getting outside in the rain and wetting ourselves. It is good for us as the constant rain has lowered temperatures and made us feel comfortable. Wetting in the rain is good. However, monsoon rains can make your hair frizz or fuss. You, especially females, need to be very careful in your hair care so that you can keep your hair locks free from frizz. During the monsoon season, your scalp and hair have unfavorable experiences. The following five homemade DIY hair masks can help you have frizz-free locks:

1. Avocado and Olive Oil Hair Mask

Avocados have nourishing and moisturizing properties. To make an avocado and olive oil hair mask, you need to mash an avocado. Take a one-fourth of cup of olive oil and mix it with the mashed avocado. Keep it mixing until it has a guacamole-like appearance. Apply this mask on your hair from its root to the tip. Wait for 30 minutes and wash off your hair thereafter.

2. Mustard Oil and Curd Hair Mask 

To get rid of frizz locks during the monsoon season, applying the combination of mustard oil and curd is an effective remedy. Before you go to wash your hair, make a paste by mixing some mustard oil and curd together and apply this mix on your hair. While applying the mixture, ensure its reach from its root to the tip. Let the mix set on your hair for half an hour. After that, you can use a mild shampoo to wash your hair. Use a conditioner after your hair wash to seal its moisture.  

3. Coconut Oil and Banana Hair Mask 

Dr Aanbchal Panth, a dermatologist in Delhi, says that the use of coconut oil in any hair mask is a great idea as it has more penetration in hair and a low molecular weight. This oil minimizes the damage from shampooing of hair. Mash a banana thoroughly and mix it with some coconut oil in a bowl. After mixing it well, apply the mixture on your hair, starting from its root. You can use a gentle wash to remove this homemade mask from your hair.   

4. Egg Yolk Hair Mask 

As a stylish female, all of you wish to have shiny and silky hair. This dream can come true with the use of this homemade hair mask. To make the egg yolk hair mask, you need to take an egg yolk and vitamin E capsule. Mix the yolk with the capsule components and apply this mixture on your hair. You can wait for 30 minutes to let the mixture set on your hair. After that, you can wash your hair by using a gentle shampoo. You will be amazed to see the shine and smoothness of your frizz-free hair locks.  

5. Egg, Yoghurt, and Honey Hair Mask 

To make this hair mask, you need to take one egg, a bowl of yogurt, and a tablespoon of honey. Mix all these ingredients until the mixture gets a paste form. Apply this mix on your hair strands and leave for half an hour. Thereafter, you can shampoo and rinse your hair with cool water. 

Applying any one of these 5 homemade DIY hair masks will help you get rid of frizzy hair locks during the monsoon season. You will have shiny, smooth, and silky hair that you will love to flaunt. Thanks to these monsoon haircare tips.

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