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04 Jun, 2023
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tyson beckford GQ

This new trend has stormed the fashion world and we’re totally digging it

Fashion is all about new and quirky trends, and a major one has hit the fashion world yet again, and that’s eyebrow slit. As cool as this sounds, it looks even more sassy if done properly. 

 Ayushmann Khurana in an eyebrow slit look for his upcoming film, Anek

ayushmann instagram

Image credits : Instagram/ayushmannk

Many times, old trends do come back, and that’s what happened with this one, 90’s hip hop stars used to dig this look, and now modern beauty bloggers have brought it back on-trend. Mostly, a slit on your eyebrows occurs when you get into a fight, but fashion knows no boundaries; let’s just say fashionista knows how to turn a scar into your strength. 


English singer, Zayn Malik in a single eyebrow slit look, we are drooling!

zayn malik insta

Image credits: Instagram/zayn

Eyebrow slits are thin vertical cuts made on your eyebrows; if you are not quite sure about your DIY skills and want to play safe, then you can go to a professional too. There are a lot of designs that you can choose from, such as Eyebrow slits with haircut joining, Double eyebrow slits, Single eyebrow slit, pierced eyebrow slit, and fishtail eyebrow slit. Maybe you can take inspiration and start a trend of your own by rocking a kind that hasn’t been done yet.


Korean celebs are taking the trend to the next level with cross eyebrow slits. 

Bts the Trend Spotter

Image credits: The Trend Spotter

American model and actor, Tyson Beckford wearing a double eyebrow slit look, Isn’t he looking fab?

tyson beckford GQ

Image Credits:

That one question that can haunt quite a lot of us is, do the eyebrow hair grows back? Well, it does; depending upon the hair growth, it can take 2 weeks to almost a month to grow back. This kind of trend depends more on personal choice, some may like to rock it for a while, and some may don’t wanna turn back at all. So only if you have the guts to pull it off, go for a permanent one. 


The fashion trend is widely popular in woman also, check out this model who is digging a 4 eyebrow slits on each eyebrow.

Model The Trend Spotter

Image Credits: The Trend Spotter

If you want to do it yourself, you can do so by using a razor, electric trimmer, or scissors to make a slit in your eyebrow, but first, you need to be fully prepared of which kind of style you want, what should be the length of the slit and where do you exactly want the slit. Experts suggest using tape while doing it so that you don’t accidentally end up cutting more than you need. 

Many trends come and go, but do you wanna adopt them? Well, that’s a personal choice you need to make! So we’d suggest, Stride with caution!

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