5 Mouthwatering Malvani Fish Recipes to Choose From!

Malvan is a town located on Maharashtra's west coast in the Sindhudurg district. Malvan is worth visiting if you enjoy sea beaches, thrilling water activities, and busy nightlife. This small town in Maharashtra's southernmost district has a plethora of options to garner. The cuisine of the South Konkan region of Maharashtra and Goa chiefly comprises of Malvani Fish Masala. It overlaps other Maharashtrian and Goan popular dishes with a distinct delicacy. In Malvan, it is natural to come across images of picturesque beaches, palm trees, and delectable Konkani cuisine. Fishing settlements on the Konkan belt are the birthplaces of delightful Konkani cuisine. This cuisine cult eventually splits into two distinct styles: Karwar and Malvani. Interestingly, the region is known for its mouthwatering seafood preparations.  Here are five exquisite Malvani Fish Recipes that you will devour with delight. The unique recipes consist of an ample dash of coconut milk and a deep tone of flavor.

  • Malvani Bombil Fry: You can make this one for your children because the Bombil or Bombay duck is known for having few bones. They'll love this crunchy delight that melts in their mouth when they have the first bite.
  • Malvani Mushi: This Malvani Fish Masala recipe may appeal you if you are familiar with a North-Indian platter that largely has an onion and tomato-beaten gravy. However, the Konkani flavors are accentuated by the inclusion of dried coconut and a cut of baby shark fish.
  • Mackerel Curry: You may experiment with this spicy curry if you don't mind spilling a pinch of spices in your food. The addition of grated coconut in the garlic-laced fish curry ideally balances the strong dose of Kashmiri red chilies. It's most suited to locals who can get their hands on the lowly Bangda or Indian Mackerel.
  • Malvani Style Rohu Curry: It is a dish that you should definitely try because fresh Rohu fish is abundantly available in the local fish markets. This scrumptious dish goes well with a bowl of freshly cooked brown rice or scorching hot Tawa roti.
  • Modak Machhi Pickle: Few food recipes can match the flavor of locally caught fish, and Modak Macchi is a clear example of that. This tiny school of fish, sometimes referred to as silverfish, are thoroughly washed before marinating. If you yearn for a more daring palate, go for it and serve this stew with curd rice or roti.


This diverse range of Malvani Fish Masala recipes has an array of appetizing meals to pick from. So, what are you waiting for?  Brew up a storm in your kitchen and reward yourself with the delicacy of Malvani seafood!

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