How Long Do Mushroom Gummies Last in the Fridge?

Mushroom gummies have become enormously popular in recent months. It's no wonder – they provide a convenient and delicious way to consume functional mushrooms on a daily basis. Doing so can provide the body with a range of beneficial compounds and even help with things like energy. Despite their recent popularity, mushroom gummies have been around for quite a while. For some users, the question might be arising: how long do mushroom gummies last? If you've discovered an old bottle of gummies you forgot about, you might be wondering whether they're still safe to eat. After all, you paid the money for them, why let them go to waste? This article covers the shelf life of mushroom gummies and explains how to tell if yours have gone off.

How Long Mushroom Gummies Last

Mushroom gummies are similar to their candy counterparts in that they have an expiration date. Typically, they have a shelf life of 12-18 months, with the expiration date printed on the label. However, this date is set for a closed bottle. Once you've opened a bottle of gummies, their shelf life decreases to about 6 months. That said, expiration dates are usually a rough guide, and it's possible to consume gummies past this date unless they have gone off. Stay tuned, because later you'll find out how to tell if your mushroom gummies are off. Something vital to note is that, even if the ingredients have not expired, mushroom gummies may lose their effectiveness if stored incorrectly. The extracts and compounds can degrade with time. In general, though, mushroom gummies will be effective for as long as the expiration date allows. Several factors can affect the shelf life of gummies; find out more below. What Affects the Shelf Life of Mushroom Gummies? There are plenty of factors to bear in mind when buying mushroom gummies that may lead to a longer shelf life, and thus more time spent enjoying them.
  • Quality of ingredients: Mushrooms are not the only thing in your gummies. The quality of the other ingredients, such as the gelatin and flavoring agents, can affect the outcome.
  • Mushroom extraction and curing process: Unlike fresh mushrooms, dried and powdered varieties can last for months and are less likely to degrade. Check out the processes a brand uses on their website to get an idea of the quality.
  • Containers and storage: Mushroom gummies are less likely to degrade quickly with proper storage. With a sealed bottle and little exposure to air, they will last much longer than in a bottle left open on your countertop.
As you can see, the quality of gummies is important. That's why it's crucial to use mushroom gummies from a reputable brand, preferably one with lab reports. When you order mushroom gummies from VidaCap, for example, you know you're getting quality you can rely on.

Extending the Shelf Life of Your Mushroom Gummies

There are a few ways to extend the shelf life of your gummies, and mostly, this involves storage. At the end of the day, it's always best to follow the instructions on the label. Typically, the label says to store gummies in a "cool, dark place." Here are some more tips:
  • Keep the bottle sealed shut to prevent oxygenation.
  • Avoid direct light and heat, or the gummies may melt.
  • Store somewhere cool and dark, like a cupboard.
  • If you plan on eating them over a long period, store gummies in the fridge.
While it's not strictly necessary to keep mushroom gummies in the fridge, it can extend their shelf life by preventing bacteria growth. Usually, though, you can keep them in a cupboard and they will last their regular shelf life; it may be best to save the fridge space.

How to Tell if Mushroom Gummies Have Gone off?

It's usually quite easy to tell if mushroom gummies have gone off. Like most other foods, they will take on a smell and appearance that lets you know they are spoiled. If you see mold, discard the gummies right away. But if you find gummies in your cupboard that have been sitting for a while and have passed their expiration date, they might not have developed mold yet and still be off. Smell them to see if a foul odor has developed and throw them away if there's a bad scent. It's much harder to tell if the mushroom extract will still be as effective or if it has degraded. For this reason, it's advised to stick within the limits of the expiration date on the label.

Final Thoughts: How Long Do Mushroom Gummies Last?

Most mushroom gummies will last for up to 12 months with proper storage. However, as per food safety guidelines, there will typically be an expiration date printed on the label. Make sure to consult the manufacturer if you have any questions.  To prolong the shelf life of mushroom gummies, follow the tips above and start by purchasing high-quality items.

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