Keto Cheese Cake No Crust No Bake For Your Appetite Sake!

This Keto Cheesecake no Crust no Bake recipe is the perfect small treat. Are you searching for Easy Keto Cheesecake or just want your sweets fun-sized! It's got everything you like. This low-carb cheesecake features the same buttery and creamy filling as you had imagined.


  • Coconut flour-50 gm
  • Almond flour-50 gm
  • Melted butter-100 gm
  • Desiccated coconut-25 gm
  • Sour cream (room temperature)-450 gm
  • Cream cheese (room temperature)-650 gm
  • Keto-friendly sugar-1 tablespoon
  • Vanilla Extract-2 tablespoon
  • Large eggs(room temperature)-3 pieces
  • Sliced strawberries (post preparation)


  • Preparing the Base: Preheat the oven to 160 degrees Celsius. Prepare the base: Grease a springform pan (20 cm). Strip the base and edges with foil. Stir the coconut, butter, and flour ingredients in a medium mixing container. Apply the prepared base into the springform pan's bottom and up the edges with a reasonable coat. Refrigerate the pan while you prepare the filling.
  • Preparing the Filling: To make the filling, combine all the ingredients in a mixing bowl. Whisk the sour cream and cream cheese.  Add sugar and vanilla. Pour the eggs one at a time, and stir them after each inclusion. Spread the filling proportionately on the base.
  • Water Bath: Move the cheesecake in a deep roasting pan and place the entire structure on the middle of the oven shelf. Add plenty of boiling water to the roasting pan to half cover the sides of the springform pan. Bake the entire thing for 1 hour; wait for the center of the pan to vibrate. Switch off the oven and leave the cake cool for a reasonable time, keeping the oven door moderately open.
  • Final Touch: Replace the springform pan from the boiling water bath and remove the inner foil. Allow the cake to chill for at least five hours. Strawberries should be sliced and added as a garnish.
This crustless keto cheesecake recipe takes an approx 8 hours to complete. Still, the waiting time is completely worthwhile. You'll be treated to the most delicious keto diet recipes in the end. Whether you make a keto cheesecake for two or several guests, there is a must-do rule. You should not skip the water bath. It may feel irritating as the whole preparation takes more than 8 hours. Nevertheless, the outcome says everything!

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