Kickstart You Day With These Healthy Overnight Breakfast Recipes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day as it breaks a night-long fast. Our body requires energy and nutrients, to gear up for a new day, so a healthy breakfast is an absolute necessity.  The most common Indian breakfast recipes includes Poori Bhaji, Upma, Idli, Cornflakes with milk, Omelette, Fruits, Dosa, Paratha, Poha, and a lot more. Check out some healthy overnight breakfast recipes here: 1. Oats Idli – Enjoy the feather-light Idlis made of oats. These are easy to cook, and extremely healthy low-calorie fat option, and is a good overnight Indian breakfast idea.  To prepare this healthy breakfast, dry roast the oats on a Tawa and then powder them in a mixer. In a pan, add oil and ingredients like mustard seeds, chana dal, chilies, carrots, and salt. Add this seasoning to the powdered oats mixture and add the curd to make a consistent batter. Now steam the Idli for around 15 minutes. Serve hot along with coconut chutney.  https://youtu.be/OGVcPcfsUPA 2. Dal Ka Paratha – You can try a healthier paratha with the leftover dal which is a good overnight breakfast idea. Drain out the excess water from dal, then stuff the dal in the dough to roll out a perfect dal paratha. Remember to make the dal mixture dry on a pan, add some seasoning of your liking, and stuff it in the dough to prepare a healthy breakfast with the leftover dal. https://youtu.be/Foj7AGLsWnE 3. Methi ka Thepla – This is a soft Indian flatbread, and can be prepared very easily at home. Here, you need atta (wheat flour), oil, dried methi, salt, ginger, green chilies, a pinch of sugar, curd, and water. Take all ingredients in a bowl and prepare soft dough by adding water and curd. Cook the parathas from both sides. Serve hot with butter and curd.  https://youtu.be/YsLX170tDzI 4. Moong ki Daal ka Cheela – This is also a nutrition-packed Indian pancake made from Moong Dal (Lentil). To prepare this healthy meal, grind the overnight soaked moong dal in a mixture, making a consistent floating batter. Spread it in a circular motion over a heated Tawa, and pour some desi ghee over it. You can also add some vegetables, ground paneer, and dry fruits to make it even healthier. Cook for a few minutes and serve hot with green chutney.  https://youtu.be/rdgYebOQQGM Prepare these recipes yourself for something different and don’t get tied up with age-old recipes. Try out the above overnight breakfast ideas Indian, and get yourself ready for the day!

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