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28 May, 2023
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Most Famous Indian Chefs

These Chefs Are Putting ‘Indian Taste’ On The world map

India, an incredible country, is known for its diversity and unique culture. India is famous for different kinds of mouth-watering dishes cooked with love. Poha from the North to vada in the South as a breakfast or main course item. Rogan josh of Kashmir to Pongal of Tamil Nadu, India is home to different flavours. 

Indian dishes are unique, with their delightful taste coming from the spices used in the cuisines. However, it’s not only the spices solely responsible nor the other ingredients, then what makes a dish tasteful? A chef brings the taste to a dish. India has world’s best chefs. When they use their magical hands, the bite itself comes down to the plate. Their kitchen is a place a foodie never wants to miss!

Most famous Indian chefs are successfully running their franchisees all across the globe and putting the Indian taste on the world map:

Dhamaka, NYC by Chef-partner Chintan Pandya and Restaurateur Roni Mazumdar 

This restaurant is located in New York, serving the west people a delicious taste of Indian cuisine. It is run by Roni Mazumdar and Chintan Pandya. The restaurant specially serves Bihari dishes. Dishes of Orissa are also worth trying here. This restaurant is doing great in helping the taste of Orissa and Bihar reach the western world.

Sona, NYC by Chef Hari Nayak and Maneesh K Goyal

Sona is a restaurant located in New York City run by Maneesh K Goyal. This restaurant is famous for its non-veg cuisines like chicken biryani, kofta korma, and many more. It is trendy among the people of New York City.

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Manthan, London by Chef Rohit Ghai

An Indian guy spreading the unique taste of central India in United Kingdom through Manthan. He is none other than chef Rohit Ghai. He has a lot of experience in professional kitchen handling and tried very successful new dishes from his magical hands. Shamim is the most demanding dish of Manthan, which nobody wants to miss, served with pepper fish. Along with this, famous Indian parathas and kebabs are also available here. 

JugaadParis by Chef Manoj Sharma 

How could the city of love be untouched by the Indian flavour of cuisines? After all, Indian dishes are also the brand ambassador of love and happiness. The famous Indian term Jugaad used in the Indian locality has become an international outlet serving the Indian taste in Paris and managed by Chef Manoj Sharma. The use of local ingredients with the famous dishes makes Jugaad special. The chef is experienced and knows how to blend the taste of spices into the taste of love perfectly.

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