CBD Dosage: How Much Should You Take To Cure Anxiety, Sleep, and Pain

Simply speaking, CBD doesn’t have any official serving dose. Even the FDA doesn’t recommend any daily CBD dosage intake. As CBD is said to have a complex relationship with the body and the brain and depends more on an individual’s physiology, it becomes quite difficult to set up a definite dosage for all of the patients. However, the appropriate CBD dose can be that provides a therapeutic effect and is well-tolerated by the patient. Researchers suggest an oral dosage ranging from 100-800 mg per day, but it is always good to consult your health consultant before determining the effective CBD dosage.  Below is the comprehensive CBD dosing guide to help the patients to get the most out of CBD products.

Factors Playing Important Role in CBD Dosage

It mostly depends on the different medical conditions and the reason a person wants to consume, to get the accurate dosage of CBD required. Different people will require different dosages. For example, people may require a higher dosage of CBD to treat epilepsy, while CBD doses for anxiety will be much smaller. Some factors help determine the quantity of CBD dosage. These include:
  • Size and weight of the patient
  • The severity of the condition required to be treated
  • Body tolerance to CBD
  • Individual’s body chemistry
  • The potency of the CBD oil and the form of intakes
  • Other medications the patient is undertaking
The best is to start with a lower dose (2 mg for example) and then gradually increase by 2-5 mg per dose and finally conclude the right CBD dosage as per your body structure.  

CBD Dose for Anxiety

Most people have been reported to treat chronic stress by consuming a moderate to a heavy dosage of CBD. Initially, you can start with a mild dose, and when you notice no improvements, then move up to a moderate dose and can gradually increase the dosage to find the right level of CBD required. A dosage of 40 mg of CBD is an effective treatment for overcoming social anxiety. Although, special cases may require an increased volume of up to 300 mg of CBD. You can consume CBD oil first thing in the morning and repeat around lunchtime. Some people even prefer to take a booster dose of CBD before 30-60 minutes of activities that may trigger their anxiety levels. 

CBD Dose for Pain Relief

CBD oil dosage for pain varies significantly as per the particular ailments. For example, treating arthritis or low back pain will usually require a mild or moderate amount of CBD oil. While for more severe pain like cancer pain or treating multiple sclerosis, you may require a heavy dose of CBD oil. Some people have experienced the immediate benefits of CBD dosage, while others may require some more days before they notice any improvement. Inflammatory and endometriosis pains take a longer time to cure in comparison to digestive, muscle, arthritis, and similar types of pains. Moreover, for getting faster results it is recommended to use CBD pain cream along with CBD oil.  Typically, people with chronic pains can take 2.5 to 20 mg of CBD orally. Some individuals, especially those with heavy body structures, may require higher doses of CBD.

CBD for Sleep Disorders

CBD has shown some positive effects to improve the quality and the duration of sleep. A heavy dose of CBD oil may help you overcome sleep disorders, as the higher dose is more sedative. A greater quantity of CBD oil consumed will result in a stronger sedative effect. Some types of CBD extracts can also impact sleep disorders. CBD oils containing sleep-supportive terpenes like linalool, bisabolol, etc. can help you to enjoy better sleep. CBD oil with melatonin is also a good sleep promoter treatment.  A person is required to consume 25-175 mg of CBD daily as a healthy supplement to treat sleep disorders. 

CBD Dose for Depression

CBD is also good for various mood disorders and the depression state of mind. It is important to understand that the problem of depression is not developed overnight and similarly it can’t be treated overnight. It may take a few weeks to several months to come up with the depression problems. Determining the right dosage of CBD to cure depression is a hit-and-trial method. Start with a mild dosage of CBD and gradually move to a moderate dosage and watch your mood swings to establish the exact amount of CBD required. Many people may require a heavy dose of CBD to overcome depression problems, as CBD affects an individual’s body differently. 

How Much CBD Should I Take?

Doctors suggest 0.25 mg CBD dosage multiplied by the body weight in pounds. And this dosage is required to be taken daily. For example, a person weighing 100 pounds will be required to consume 25 mg CBD daily and similarly, a 200-pound person will have to consume 50 mg of CBD as their daily dose. It is good to divide the daily dose into two equal parts and take them in the morning and evening as their daily supplements.  However, the actual dose depends on the body structure and other critical factors as already stated. 

How to Take CBD – A Guide to CBD Dosing 

The choice of CBD product is largely dependent on personal preference. The most popular methods to take CBD to include:
  • Oils and tinctures: A liquid containing extracts from plant material dissolved usually in ethanol and comes with a bottle and a dropper
  • Gummies: A chewable and fruit-flavored soft candy 
  • Sprays: This is also available in liquid form and packed in a bottle with a nozzle to easy spray in your mouth
  • Capsules: CBD is available in form of soft gels and tablets that can be ingested orally through the mouth
  • Vapes: CBD oil that can be heated to get vapors to be inhaled 
  • Flower: This form of CBD is usually in the form of a dried hemp plant that can be ignited to receive smokes
  • Edibles: CBD in the form of food supplements such as brownies or chips
  • Drinks: A beverage infused with CBD, usually in the form of hemp extract

Consume a Healthy CBD Dosage

As the nature of cannabidiol is quite complex the actual CBD dosage is hard to determine. Start with smaller qualities and slowly increase the levels to find the actual quantity that works best with your type of body.

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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