Dietician Recommended: Vegetables That Are Great For Muscle Building

From sportspeople to celebrities to the young people out there these days, everyone focuses on their health and fitness. Muscle strengthens our bones, tendons and ligaments. Strong muscles help to prevent tendon sprains, tears, and broken bones. Athletes and sportspeople take a particular type of muscle training to minimize the risk of frequent bone and muscle injuries. Food also plays a very important role when it comes to strengthening the muscles besides gym training. Protein requirements of the body should be fulfilled if you really want to build a good and strong muscle mass. Diet Consultant to a Pro Kabaddi Team, Dietician Akanksha J Sharda has recommended some vegetables that possess nutrients for muscle and strength-boosting properties.

Here’s a list of muscle-strengthening vegetables:


There are several studies which state that consuming beetroot eases and improves athletic performance. After drinking beetroot juice, athletics have noticed an increase in blood flow towards the muscles. Baked beetroots also have notable results for athletes and runners as beetroots are full of nitrates. Nitrate is a natural chemical competent for increasing endurance and lowering blood pressure.


This green leafy vegetable is wholesome. Spinach is an excellent source of magnesium which is crucial for carbs metabolism, muscle development and energy production. Other than magnesium, spinach also has a good amount of iron. So, there’s no reason you should not add spinach to your diet for better health.


There are various types of mushrooms, and each of them is rich in different sources. One such variety is an excellent source of vitamin D. Many types of research have proved that vitamin D plays an important role in muscle building. In fact, vitamin D supplements are also associated with muscle strengthening. If you have one cup of mushrooms, that completes your three times daily requirement of vitamin D. There are more mushrooms that contain a good amount of vitamin D.


It will help if you make Soybean a part of your diet as it is the best source of protein for vegetarians. If muscle building is your top priority, Soybean act as a great source.


Peppers are rich sources of vitamin C, be it green, yellow or red. You should include them in your food as they help you burn unwanted fat and convert carbs into fuel. Vitamin C also allows you to improve your immunity.

Sweet Potatoes

Athletes prefer sweet potatoes as they provide energy for a more extended period. Sweet potatoes are rich in fibre, which has its advantages to increase muscle mass. The vegetables mentioned above are the best choice for you if you are focusing on your muscles. Nevertheless, these veggies are good as they have abundant nutrients required for your body. However, don’t limit yourself to only these veggies for a daily dose of nutrition to build muscles. Every vegetable has some nutrients, so try to add as many vegetables to your diet as possible.

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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