Is Aloe Vera Good or Bad for your hair?

Aloe Vera Gel is extracted from Aloe Vera Plant, which has big leaves containing the gel. Many companies sell ready-made Aloe Vera gel in the market like Patanjali, Mama Earth, and Kapiva Ayurveda, etc. Some people even grow their own Aloe Vera plant. Rich in Vitamins, Amino Acids, Copper, Zinc, and Plant Steroids, Aloe Vera has been a very helpful companion in terms of skin, hair, and health issues.  In this article, we will discuss the good and bad of using Aloe Vera on your hair, and you can decide whether to add it as an ingredient in your next hair mask.

The good 

  1. Makes your Hair shiny and healthy- Aloe Vera works as an excellent conditioner on your hair, and it's any day better to use a natural one than a chemical conditioner. Rich in Vitamin A, E, and C, the gel will help rejuvenate your dry and damaged hair and make them look healthy and shiny.
  1. May promote hair growth- While there is little to no clinical evidence about this, but Aloe Vera does contain properties that will help your scalp get cleaned and hair nourished; if applied regularly, you might face less breakage and hair loss problems. 
  1. Anti-dandruff agent- If you have an itchy scalp and suffer with the problem of Dandruff, then you can use Aloe Vera gel to get rid of it. The gel contains Proteolytic enzymes, which will repair the dead skin cells on your scalp.

The Bad

  1. Might Trigger Allergies - Not many issues are faced on using aloe gel on your hair, but some people might face a problem if they are allergic to the gel. However, in this case, a patch test is always recommended. 
  1. Might trigger irritation on your scalp - After applying the gel directly on your scalp, you might feel itchiness and irritation on your scalp. Mostly, this phenomenon is observed in people with sensitive scalps, so if you have one, then take your doctor’s advice before using it. 

How to apply the Aloe Vera gel to your hair?

  1. Take a spoon full of Aloe Vera gel, gently apply it to your scalp; massage it for 5 minutes.
  2. Let the product sit in for an hour
  3. Use a mild shampoo to wash your hair
  4. Repeat the process thrice a week 
You can also add Aloe Vera gel to your DIY hair mask, and we are sure that this will make a tremendous difference to your hair. 

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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