Rice - Leave It Or Not! Know Here What You Should Do

Rice is a staple food for people, especially in Asia. In some parts of the world, it is part and partial of daily diet. There are some people who find themselves hungry without having a serving of rice a day or per meal. Even being a rich source of carbohydrates, it has a lack of certain nutrients and is high in starch. And consuming too much refined rice can lead a person to have an increase in his/her blood sugar levels and body weight. As a health conscious person, you might have a few questions in your mind and the questions could be like:
  • Should you leave eating rice completely?
  • What effect will be on your body if you do not eat rice for a certain period?

To help you know, we got in touch with some health experts such as doctors, dieticians, and fitness trainers. Gayatri Verma, a dietician at Aastha Clinic in Delhi NCR, says that people can experience a decrease in their body weight when they leave eating rice for a month. It happens due to the intake of reduced calories. Further, there is stabilization of blood sugar levels. Santosh Aggarwal, another dietician and nutritionist at a private health clinic, agrees that skipping rice for a month or more helps a person lose his/her weight. Skipping rice works only when a person does not replace another cereal along with rice. There might be a slight decrease in blood sugar levels. This decrease will be only for that particular period. And there will be a rise in blood sugar levels if the person starts eating rice again.  

Sneha Dixit, another nutritionist, says that people need to focus more on how much and when they should eat rice instead of skipping it completely. It is, as leaving rice completely could affect the digestive system of a person due to a lack of fiber. A person should eat a small bowl of rice in the right manner to avoid having any harm to his or her body. According to her, rice is also a source of vitamin Bs and minerals apart from carbohydrates. The effects of leaving rice for a particular period varies from one person to another and allied factors.

Many health experts suggest that excluding rice temporarily is crucial for you if you are willing to manage your carbohydrate intake. However, you must always focus on taking a balanced diet, which includes food items with all essential nutrients. You should keep your health goals in mind and consult a respective health professional when you are willing to skip certain foods or food items such as rice. As per discussions held with a few health experts, here are some useful tips for you, especially you are going to skip rice for a particular period:

Add fiber

For better digestion and good liver health, consuming fiber is essential. You should include seeds, vegetables, and nuts in your diet to get a good amount of fiber. It can help you manage your carbohydrate intakes as it takes a lot of time to digest. There is a decrease in your appetite and slow release of glucose in your body. And as a result, you can easily move ahead in your weight loss journey.

Include protein

With the right amalgamation with particular cereals, proteins change into highly beneficial biological proteins that your body easily absorbs. In addition, they slow down your digestion and glucose release in your body.

Follow a sequence in your diet

For better health and moderate body weight, you should take salad (fiber) before you start taking your primary meal that has cereals, pulses, and vegetables in the right quantity.

Disclaimer - The texts with tips or advice mentioned here are only for generic information, but not for a substitute of medical advice. Before applying any advice or tips, you should consult a respective doctor or expert. ATT is not responsible if you have any bad impacts on your health.

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