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10 Aug, 2022
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Soaked Raisins vs Grapes: Which Is Better For Your Health?

Soaked dry fruits such as almonds, walnuts and raisins have several health benefits. Experts often suggest starting the day with a handful of nuts, which gives you a good amount of nutrition and energy needed for the day. Raisins or dried grape comes with many health benefits, including aiding digestion, boosting iron levels, and keeping the bones strong. 

According to a nutritionist, Bhuvan Rastogi: “Raisins are healthy and retain more antioxidants than most other dried fruits like apricots and plums. They are moderate in iron and high in potassium. Dried fruits , in general, are a convenient source of nutrients in harsh weather conditions,”

However, many people believe that soaked raisins are super-foods and contain more nutritional values than fresh grapes—the nutritionist posted on Instagram to break this commonly-believed myth. 

“There is no major benefit of re-hydrating raisins. I was unable to find proper research on the topic. All articles about the benefits of soaked raisins water talk about the benefits of raisins, not the added advantage of soaking. If there is, it’s nothing more than the usual better absorption of nutrients (same as soaking nuts),” he said.

The nutritionist Bhuvan Rastogi explained further: “Raisins are inferior to grapes as when grapes are dehydrated, they lose vitamins,” 

After comparing the United States Department of Agriculture nutrition database for raisins and grapes, Bhuvan added: “Grapes have 15 times more vitamin K, six times more vitamin E and C, and two times more vitamin B1 and B2 than raisins.” 

According to the nutritionist, this explains that having raisins or soaked raisins as a substitute for grapes makes no sense. 

“So, do have raisins when grapes are unavailable, but when fresh grapes are in season, always pick them, as the benefits of grapes are much more than that of raisins. Don’t treat raisins as some overcharged super-foods but just another dried fruit, which should be taken when fresh grapes are not available,” he suggested. 

So, What’s Better?

The conclusion is that raisins are never a substitute for grapes. Both are different in their way, but grapes are considered healthier and more nutritional.  

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