Understanding the Autism Spectrum Disorder And Its Symptoms

Autism spectrum disorder commonly known as Autism Spectrum condition is something that affects six out of every thousand children. However, even when diagnosed with this condition some parents do not truly understand what are its signs. The following section discusses in detail Autism Spectrum disorder symptoms, and how it can be managed.  What Are The Different Types of Autism Spectrum Disorder? There are three primary forms of Autism as well as two uncommon conditions. Over the years it came to be known as symptoms that are not always the same and categorization helps in the treatment of the Autism Spectrum more efficiently. The main forms of Autism include:

  • Pervasive Developmental Disorder
Otherwise referred to as PDD-NOS, it is a form of moderate Autism. It is diagnosed when the patients get milder symptoms of Autistic Syndrome however, the condition is not as severe as Asperger’s syndrome.
  • Asperger’s Syndrome
Asperger’s Syndrome is the least severe condition of Autism. It is commonly referred to as high functioning Autism as it causes a person to talk non-stop about their favorite things. It is more common among boys than in girls. 
  • Autistic Disorder
It is the most severe form of Autism that affects the child with increased impairment then the other two forms of Autism discussed above. Following are the two most common types of Autism
  • Childhood Disintegrative Disorder
It is considered the most severe type of Autism affecting a child. More commonly referred to as CDD by medical professionals, the impairments are extremely severe and can cause seizures. It is mostly known for affecting boys than girls.
  • Rett’s Syndrome
This type of Autism is one of the rarest forms and is usually caused due to genetic mutations. This form of Autism is just about exclusive to girls meaning that it is very rare to find this disorder in boys. It causes severe impairment as compared to other types of Autism. Signs and Symptoms of Autism Spectrum Disorder Autism is a disorder that is extremely difficult to diagnose in the initial stages. The reason for this is that the symptoms vary from person to person and sometimes are not very common in most Autism Spectrum disorder test. Following are some of the noticeable Autism Spectrum disorder symptoms:
  • Constantly lining up toys or other items.
  • Lack of response when called by their name.
  • Not being socially responsive.
  • Lack of eye contact.
  • Obsessed with certain topics.
  • Odd use of language.
  • Lack of social relationship.
There is no specific cure for children with Autism Spectrum disorders but there are certain techniques that physicians suggest to parents to help their children deal with Autism. At present numerous Autism Spectrum disorder treatments are available to help parents and children manage Autism.

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