Why do diabetes patients need insulin?

Insulin is one of the hormones secreted by the pancreas. The pancreas is one of the enzyme-secreting glands behind your abdomen.  Glucose is a sugar found in the majority of carbohydrates. The general physician doctor in Nagpur explains the significance of insulin secretion for diabetes patients. Diabetes is a condition actuated by minimal insulin secretion.  Insulin processes insulin in the following way:

  • After a meal or snack, carbohydrates get broken down in your digestive tract. It gets converted to glucose. 
  • Blood glucose gets absorbed through the tubes of the small intestine. 
  • Once glucose gets absorbed by the bloodstream, insulin transmits signals to body cells. It lets the body cell absorb sugar and use it for energy. Insulin helps balance sugar levels. When glucose level increases in your bloodstream, insulin asks cells to store excess sugar in the liver. When you feel stressed or exhausted, your cells need an energy boost. 

What are the symptoms of type one and two diabetes?

Type one diabetes is an autoimmune health condition that causes cells to reverse action. If you have diabetes, your cells can't produce enough insulin. It is because the immune system affects the insulin-producing body cells. While type one diabetes occurs in the early stages, it's common among adults. The diabetologist in Nagpur claims that the body becomes resistant to insulin for people with type two diabetes. It means that the body needs more insulin than before. The body produces an excess amount of insulin to curb glucose storage. Due to over secretion, islet cells get broken down. There is no definite age limit for getting diagnosed with type two diabetes.  Insulin injections are beneficial for people with type one and two diabetes. Injections act as a replacement or supplement to insulin injected by islet cells. People with type one diabetes can't produce insulin, so they strive for injections. People with type two diabetes manage insulin count with oral medication. It needs patients to change their ways of living. The diabetologist in Nagpur tells ways to combat diabetes with insulin intakes. 

How can you treat diabetes with insulin intake?

All kinds of insulin have the same effect on cells. Insulin injection mimics the increase and decrease of secretions throughout the day. Constituents of insulin determine their responsiveness. It determines how long insulin works on your cells.  The general physician doctor in Nagpur claims that you should take insulin based on the following criteria. 
  • Age
  • Gender
  • The time needed for cells to absorb insulin
  • Time for which insulin remain stored in cells 
Insulin gets injected in the form of syringes, pens, or pumps. The mode of insulin injection depends on your preference, insurance coverage, and health status.  Insulin gets injected under the skin in various parts of your body. Insulin gets injected into different body parts. 
  • Buttocks
  • Thighs
  • Abdomen
  • Upper arms
The general physician doctor in Nagpur explains where you should get insulin injections. It prevents lumps and fat deposits in your body.  For more info, consult with the diabetologist in Nagpur today.

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