13 Corporate Diwali Gifts for Employees: The Ultimate List

Being the most important festival in Indian culture, Diwali is celebrated every year by millions of people in the autumn. It is also the most popular and well-known Indian holiday among non-Indians around the world.  The lovely festival of light commemorates the triumph of good over evil and new beginnings (also known as the Hindu New Year). Exchanging gifts during Diwali is not only a nice gesture, but it is also customary. As Diwali approaches, people of all walks of life grow increasingly unsure of what to give their loved ones. It is critical in the business sector to make your staff feel valued and cared for.  To foster more solid and better professional connections, you must occasionally shower them with presents and treats.  And Diwali, the auspicious occasion, is an excellent occasion for corporate gifting. Order Diwali gifts online and surprise your employees with exciting presents. 

Here is a list of Diwali gift ideas for your beloved employees. 

Assorted Dry Fruits' Deliciousness

A basket of different dry fruits is another traditional and popular Diwali gift. They are not only traditional and elegant-looking gift options, but they also have numerous health advantages. They are easy to store, transport, & distribute, making them ideal for mass corporate presents. Send Diwali gifts to your employees who are busy working for your organization. 

Happenings During the Holidays

Diwali is a holiday dedicated to family and friends. If you give your employees a little additional time off to celebrate the festival with their loved ones, they will be grateful. It is one of the most considerate acts you can perform for them.

Bonus or Cash in Hand

Diwali is celebrated in conjunction with Laxmi Puja.  Money, prosperity, and wealth are all associated with it.  Sending out bonus checks to your staff is a terrific way to start the festival off right. This is the best Diwali present option till date. 

Traditional Feng Shui

Many people believe that Feng Shui, a Chinese folk art, captures good fortune and happiness via attractive and artistic figures.  They're common in Indian households, and they make excellent corporate gifts. Tortoise, three-legged frog, fortunate bamboo, laughing Buddha, and chimes are some of the most common feng shui elements. 

Grab Bag with a Surprise

A small amount of consideration can go a long way.  If you want to make your staff feel extraordinary, here's a great way to do it.  Curate a few variations of gift hampers for your staff to make the whole present-giving process more enjoyable.  It could contain cinema tickets, gift certificates, office supplies, phone cases, or water bottles.  Your employees have the option of picking a surprise grab bag at random.

Combo of Desk Essentials

Your employees spend a significant amount of their time at work.  On Diwali, getting fresh, unusual, and elegant-looking office basics will improve the workplace's ambience.  Digital organisers, engraved metal pens, professional notebooks, and report pads are examples of desk essentials. With work from home still prevalent due to the pandemic, desk essentials are the best Diwali present options. Order Diwali gifts online for your dear employees and create a memorable bond with your employees. 


Bonsai trees are a favourite of many people.  They're lovely and adorable, and they'd make a lovely addition to any indoor garden.  Juniper, pines, spruces, cedars, magnolia, elms, and oaks are great bonsai trees.  A bonsai or other plant on the desk can give your staff a sense of freshness and will help them maintain a positive attitude at work.

Metallic Gift Baskets 

On Diwali, it is customary in India to give metallic gifts.  Diwali gifts include metallic decor items, copper god statues, silver glasses, brass or silver bowls, and silver spoons. Send Corporate diwali gifts online from the comfort of your home and surprise your employees. 

Electronics for On-the-Go

Millennials and GenZers prefer electronic gifts such as smartwatches, fitness trackers, portable Bluetooth speakers, headphones, phone adapters, and power banks.  They will much appreciate high-quality electrical goods.

Essentials for the Home

Kitchen basics and home electronics are popular corporate Diwali gifts in India.  You can raise your game by gifting a trendy kitchen appliance like a coffee maker, hand blender, air fryer, or toaster.  During Diwali, these types of gifts are considered auspicious and bring goodwill into the family.

Custom-made Goodies

If you're looking for something different for Diwali, personalised gifts are the way to go.  You can conduct a simple survey to learn about your employees' likes, dislikes, and preferences.  You can plan gifts based on the results once they've been received.  A name tag or engraving your employees' names in present goods is another approach to offer a personal touch.  Corporate Diwali gifts for employees can include keychains, customised metal pens, photo frames, and coffee mugs.

Eco-Friendly Gifts

Give eco-friendly gifts to your staff this Diwali to spread the message of sustainability and recycling.  Totes, stainless steel water bottles, reusable straws, thermal coffee cups, post-consumer waste notebooks, desk plants, and customised earthen diyas are all beautiful choices.  It'll be a hit with your environmentally aware personnel! Order Diwali gifts online without any hassle and gift your employees with the best Diwali presents. 

Furniture for Work at Home

With work from home becoming more common, providing comfy work from home furniture to your employees is sensible to ensure that they are comfortable and productive.  A solid set of work from home furniture may assist your staff stay organised, engaged and can even help them avoid posture issues. We can assume that the above mentioned Diwali gift ideas would have helped you in deciding a great Diwali present for your dear employee.

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