A New Dating Trend is Storming the Dating World and It’s Toxic

[caption id="attachment_5092" align="alignnone" width="306"]meme genarator Image credits: memegenerator[/caption] Just imagine that you’re interested in someone and you even manage to date the person, but only after a week or two of your dating period, the person starts being low-key distant, like replying to your text after 8-10 days, you may think the person is busy or even worse, went to a place that has no WiFi. Well, you are highly mistaken! The person is actually curving you.  Curving is the new dating trend that we certainly didn’t want; the curvers might be sitting right next to you, in your office, or in your friend circle. Instead of saying I am not interested, they might reply a “K” to your I like you. (Cringe moment) [caption id="attachment_5090" align="alignnone" width="600"]make a meme.org Image credits: makeameme.org[/caption] In some ways, curving can be worse than Ghosting, as Ghosting is really equal to saying I can’t bear you anymore, Curving, on the other hand, is to be nice, friendly, and apologetic about your behavior, and that’s dangerous. Period.  It literally leaves you in a hanging garden and no one to help kinda situation.  Curvers have a lousy dating behavior, ask them for a coffee date today, and they might reply after 4 days. I couldn’t reply; I was just busy getting pancakes for my little sister. (Like seriously? You were trying to find pancakes for 96 hours?) [caption id="attachment_5091" align="alignnone" width="500"]me.me 1 Image Credits: me.me[/caption] “Curving makes the individual at the receiving end to question his or her own self-confidence. Such persons start to blame themselves, and the mind goes into overdrive. They may even talk to the other person till they feel satisfied.” says Psychologist Dr. Seema Hingorrany.  If you don’t wish to be a part of this annoying roller coaster ride of curving, the only mantra is to sign out from the relationship, it's never healthy to fight for someone’s attention who doesn't really value your presence.  If you really wanna date, spend your energy where you receive it. Go get someone who is worth your efforts!

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