Alert: These Zodiacs Signs Are Unlikely To Get Married!

When in a relationship, your worst nightmare is the instance when your partner breaks it to you that they might be head over heels in love with you, but they are not in the favour of the idea of marriage.  Today, a lot of people are in favour of long-term relationships instead of marrying a person. From Aquarius to Aries, these are the zodiac signs who don't want to be tied down and are least likely to get married. 


A little known fact about this mysterious Scorpio sign is that they are philanderers. Water signs including Scorpio have a roving eye and are not likely to want to commit to one person for the rest of their life. Some of the Scorpios who get married also have spells of infidelity in their marriage. Most others choose to have open affections with many individuals rather than commit to one and tie the knot.


This earth sign is fiercely protective of their parents. They value their household's peace and sanity and are hesitant to introduce a new member to the pack. This is one of the key reasons why Taurus isn't likely to get married. They would resist matches even proposed by their parents, for they fear what a new member could do to their serene dynamic.


Call them commitment-phobic or someone who values their freedom too much; Aries is not likely to settle down anytime in the early 20s. This zodiac love singlehood and adores being the centre of attention in their household. They are unwilling to share their space with friends or even a potential lover, so bringing home a spouse can be daunting.


The air sign, Aquarius, has the most significant number of breakups as they cannot stand a clingy partner and often struggle with sharing their life with someone. This is one of the key reasons they aren't suited to marriage, and many even loathe the idea of matrimony.

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