Busted: These Period Myths Are Hilarious AF!

It would be safe to say that no other issue is filled with as many myths as the topic period does. For years, we have heard some rubbish rumours about periods and gradually believed in them too. However, it's high time to break these myths and set the records straight once and for all.

Here are some hilarious period myths that we are tired of hearing:

You shouldn't exercise when you're down

This myth is going on for years, and even some fitness freak you'll meet will say the same thing, but periods have no relation with working out. In fact, there are certain exercises that help in easing out the pain of period cramps. Going off exercises thinking that it can do harm to your periods - stop believing that! You can skip out on cardio or HIIT workouts and do strength training or relaxing yoga asanas while on your periods.

You can't have sexual activities while on your period

Yes, that's a myth that we need to bust ASAP. You have probably heard of this myth at every nook and corner, and it's as problematic as it sounds. The period sex might get a little messy due to obvious reasons, but it can never harm your mensuration cycle at all. In fact, it helps in easing out stubborn period cramps.

Is everything fine, or you are PMSing?

It's 21 century, and the PMS thing is still talked about. Can you believe that? If anyone sees you cranky or annoyed, the first thing people would ask you is - are you PMSing? Periods act differently on everybody, some might experience extreme mood swings, and some might have little to almost no PMS stage during their menstrual cycle. Judging someone on the basis of PMS, we need to stop that!

Dirty blood is period blood

You must not be able to recall how many times you have heard this period blood is dirty blood thing; well, it's uncountable. The bleeding that happens during periods is not the body's way of flushing out toxins or rejecting fluids; it's just a plain vaginal secretion involving a little bit of blood, mucus lining, bacteria and uterine tissue. Period blood is very different from normal blood, and it's better not to compare the two.

You can't swim during your periods

We have often heard that the fluid secretion that happens during periods can contaminate a swimming pool or bathtub; however, any bodily fluid can do so. One can use tampons and menstrual cups instead of pads (for obvious reasons) and have a great swim session. Though if it's about comfort, do whatever suits you!

Tampons can break your hymen and make you lose your virginity

Tbh, we just wanna laugh at this one! Before addressing this particular myth, let us ask you one thing, did you know that some women are born without a hymen or may have very small hymen? Well, coming back to this disturbing myth, first thing first, virginity has no connection with the breaking of the hymen as the break can happen during physical activity such as cycling too. Can tampons break your hymen? Yes, they might, but that should never be the reason for not using tampons.

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