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Decoded: The Right Way of Approaching a Rishta Meeting!

The institution of marriage arguably carries a heavier weight of pressures and expectations in today than in any previous age. Spouses don’t just partner up for purely economic and procreative purposes but they expect to be romantic lovers, best friends, co-parents, and sometimes even business partners. 

Balancing those roles might seem like a burden, and it certainly can be. Husbands and wives may be working — in not just one job, but several. There are kids to raise and schedules to juggle. You are your partner can end up feeling like ships passing in the night. 

But modern marriage also offers an incredible opportunity. If managed right, it can be an unending source of joy and satisfaction. It’s you and your partner, against the world, building your own little world. But if you want to plan and tackle life’s most challenging adventures side-by-side, you’ve got to stay in sync and work effectively as a team.

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So if you are on a hunt for a partner and have your rishta meeting just around the corner, give this article a read! 

What questions to ask at a rishta meeting? 

We are already under immense pressure when going for such meetings. So we might miss out on asking important questions whether deciding if he/she can be the one! 

Well, we’ve got you back. These are some of the questions that you must ask: 

How has your family been accepting your friends?

Whom do you prefer to apologize to first after a fight?

Do you believe in savings, or do you like spending it on yourself? 

What is helpful while dealing with anger- confrontation, shopping, therapy, or something else? 

How do you like to spend your weekends- at home or doing something adventurous?

How do you deal with your stress? 

Here are some more tips for that first meeting

Break the ice 

Always remember that just like you, even the other person may be nervous about the meeting, especially when it is a Rishta meeting in India. So, your best approach should be to start with general questions that can help you break the ice. Ask them what their name means, their hobbies, their favourite cuisine, etc. If you feel they are shy, begin the conversation by talking about yourself and slowly rope them into the conversation. 

Show interest in career and education goals

A person feels comfortable knowing their prospective partner is interested in knowing about their career. Instead of blabbering about your career goals and job, ask about their career plans. It will make them feel positive about the match, as well. Let them know that you are interested in their future goals regarding education and career.

Marriage expectations 

A person would always like if their partner asks their views on marriage and expectations related to it. So, if you are meeting someone for the first time, ask about their take on the institution of marriage. This is an important question as it will help you understand their thought process better. 

Ask about their lifestyle

Find out about their social life, favourite pastime and other interests. This way, you can know whether the person is an extrovert or an introvert. Small details can help you decipher whether they belong to your kind or not! But also do not go overboard with too many questions as he/she is not a candidate whom you are interviewing’ for your better half’s position. Make them feel that you are looking for a life partner who should be compatible with you and your family. 

Beware! Things you should never ask in a rishta meeting! 

Are you a virgin?

How many romantic relationships have you had in the past?

How many Facebook friends do you have? 

How many kids do you want?

How much do you earn, and how much property have your parents put in your name? 

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