Do Parallel Universes Exist?

Our universe is humongous; it contains hundreds of billions, or maybe trillions of galaxies, each containing billions, if not trillions of stars. Some physicists speculate the universe's diameter could be 7 billion light-years, while others think it could be infinite. However, is our universe the only universe? Some physicists believe that parallel universes exist, and we all might be living one of our endless number of lives. Some major scientific concepts, such as Big Bang, String Theory, and Quantum Mechanics, support the idea of a multiverse. According to these theories, when the diversion in an event occurs, a new universe is formed. Each event creates new universes with infinite possibilities, and no two parallel universes are the same. According to the Big Bang theory, the entire universe was an infinitesimally small singularity around 13.7 billion years ago, but then an explosion (Big Bang) took place, and the universe started expanding faster than the speed of light. Big Bang occurred in multiple ways, that led to creating multiple parallel universes, which means each universe is the aftermath of Big Bag. The idea of the multiverse is exceptionally controversial; some scientists support the theory while others don’t. However, many physicists believe that it’s possible to travel to parallel universes, but it will require a medium or portal, and that’s where the wormhole concept is introduced. Einstein-Rosen Bridge also referred to as a wormhole, is a theoretical passage that might create shortcuts to travel long distances across the universe. Many scientists believe that if we somehow manage to find a way to open a wormhole, we may travel anywhere across the universe. Wormholes interconnect two distant points in space and act as funnels; they may allow us to travel to parallel universes, many physicists believe this theory. Moreover, no evidence of a parallel universe has been found yet, but many scientific theories claim that parallel universes do exist.

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