Happy Bhai Dooj 2022: What are the Different Beliefs Associated with the festival?

Bhai Dooj is the festival of the companionship shared between a brother and a sister. It is celebrated to mark the bond shared between a brother-sister duo. Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the third day of Diwali, and brothers from all across the country visit their sisters to honour the unbreakable bond of their relationship.  Bhai Dooj is called by different names in different parts of the country. For instance, people in Maharashtra call it Bhau Beej; in Nepal, they call it Bhai Tika; in Bengal, it is referred to as Bhai Phota and in Manipur, it is known as Ningol Chakuba.

Bhai Dooj Ritual

Bhai Dooj is the special day when sisters invite their brothers to their house and prepare a scrumptious meal to treat their brothers. Bhai Dooj 2022 will be celebrated this year on Wednesday, October 26. The sisters draw a square-shaped auspicious spot using flowers and corn powder during the puja. Following this, as soon as the puja begins, the brothers are supposed to enter this square spot, and before this, the sisters make their brothers eat a bitter fruit. 

How did the custom Start?

Many of you might still be unaware of the story behind this festival. According to Hindu belief, Lord Krishna had a bitter fruit (as mentioned above) before he went to the war field to slay the demon Narakasura. Furthermore, after Lord Krishna defeated the demon, he was welcomed by his sister Subhadra, who applied Tikka on her brother's forehead to honour him and his bravery. Since then, the custom of Bhai Dooj has been celebrated every year, when sisters pray for their brother's long life and victory in every field.

How is the Bhai Dooj Pooja Done?

The Bhai Dooj Pooja vidhi begins with sisters decorating the Puja thali, where they keep sweets, rice, tika, flowers and coconut. Following this, brothers sit in the auspicious spot, with their heads covered, and sisters perform the arti.  Next, sisters apply tika on their brother's forehead to mark the feel of the festival. After the tika ritual, sisters treat their brothers with their favourite sweets and pray to God for their brother's long life, good health, prosperity and victory in every phase of life.  The tradition also involves a gifting phase, where the brother presents a gift to his sister to make her feel loved.  There's another beautiful story popular about the festival of Bhai Dooj. This story is associated with the custom called Bhagini Hastha Bhojanam, which means brothers who eat food prepared by their sisters on this day and wear a tika from their hand will stay protected, get good luck, good health, and prosperity in life. Other essential elements that you should know about Bhai Dooj 2022 are: Bhai Dooj Puja Muhurat begins at 01.17 pm to 03.14 pm Bhaiya Dooj Tika Time begins at 1.12 pm to 03.27 pm Bhaiya Dooj Tika Mantra  "Bhratus tabaa grajaataaham,  Bhunksa bhaktamidam shuvam  Preetaye yama raajasya  Yamunaah Visheshatah" 

Bhai Dooj Puja Samagri necessarily includes the following items:

  • A pooja Thali
  • Betel Nut
  • Earthen oil lamp (diya)
  • Fresh flowers
  • Moli
  • Roli-chawal for Tilak
  • Fruits

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