How to make your bedroom look more luxurious?

When you walk into a 5-star hotel room, you can immediately tell that they spent their time on the bedroom décor. There is nothing more relaxing than getting into a comfortable luxurious bedroom after a long day and you can make yours the same. Here are tips that will help you make your bedroom more luxurious. 

De clutters and cleans the room

bedroom 1 Nothing is further from luxurious than a cluttered bedroom. There is close to zero chance of you feeling relaxed in a cluttered bedroom, especially after a long day of work. Clutter takes away from the beauty and comfort of a clean bedroom. Decluttering the space will turn your bedroom into your personal luxurious sanctuary. Start by clearing unnecessary things off the floor and other surfaces and throwing any trash away. Next, make sure you only have furniture you need in the bedroom to make it more spacious. Make it a habit to clean and declutter regularly to maintain a clean, luxurious look. .

Include some artwork 

bedroom 2 Adding art pieces can transform your rather boring bedroom into a luxurious one. Artwork has the ability to transform an empty wall on your bedroom to the focal point of the whole room. The piece of art you choose should reflect your mood and personality as well as fit into the aesthetic of the entire room.  Statement pieces like colorful paintings, personal portraits and sculptures can easily transform your room and make it more luxurious especially when placed at the focal point of the room like above the headboard. Adding an area rag or tapestry on the wall is also considered art. 

Upgrade the bedspace

bedroom 3 Old furniture is not necessarily bad, but can have an impact on how the overall space will look. If your bedroom furniture is old and outdated, you will have a harder time trying to make the space look luxurious. Old bed frames or foundations may not fit into the aesthetic you are going for. This requires you to purchase a new foundation/frame.  Keep in mind that new furniture does not have to be expensive to look expensive. Once styled correctly, you can definitely make you room look like a 5-star hotel. Another way to change up bed frame without spending too much is by fixing any issues with the bed frame and changing up the headboard completely.  How old is your mattress? Old and worn-out mattress not only makes your room look rough but they can take away from the comfort and relaxation you seek while resting on the bed. Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do to fix and old mattress. The best solution would be to purchase a new, comfortable more luxurious mattress based on your needs. 2022 mattress reviews should be helpful in finding the bed, high quality mattress at an affordable price that will suit into your aesthetic.  Throw pillows, quality sheets and good bedding can also transform your bedroom to look more luxurious. When layered correctly, bedding can give you the effect of comfort, relaxation as well as luxury. 

Add more lights in the room

bedroom 4 Knowing where and how to add lights in your bedroom is key to creating a luxurious aesthetic in the space. The type of lighting you choose will also determine the overall look of the place and your personal needs. Having wall sconces or reading lamps on the sides of your bed can come in handy if you enjoy night-time reading.  Chandelier or ceiling light over your bed is great for overhead light through the whole room. If you have a dresser area or reading desk, a table lamp will help when you want to illuminate those specific areas individually. 

You can never go wrong with green 

Plants are considered a healing element, especially when added to the bedroom. Not only do they add more oxygen and reduce your stress level, plants can make an area look more luxurious and aesthetically pleasing.  Depending on how much space you have, you can get several types of plants positioned in various locations in your bedroom. Small plants are great on large window panes and shelves while larger plants will look great on lit corners or hanging from the ceiling. 

Focus on adding statement furniture pieces

Statement furniture pieces can make your room stand out and feel more luxurious. You don’t have to spend all your money on expensive furniture. Nowadays, it is easy to thrift or purchase a statement furniture piece online.

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