Kopi Luwak: Everything You Need to Know

Kopi Luwak is quite a unique kind of coffee produced by an uncommon method. For your kind information, it is the world’s most expensive coffee. Kopi Luwak is produced from the partially digested and excreted coffee beans; you heard that right, but it is not digested or excreted by humans. An animal known as Palm Civet is used for this process; they eat the coffee beans, digest them partially, and excrete them. And now, these excreted coffee beans are used to produce Kopi Luwak. It sounds too gross, but it’s not that bad. The upper layer of these coffee beans is removed during processing, and the rest of the beans are washed very nicely. After that, these beans are roasted and made ready to deliver to consumers. You can understand how expensive the whole process could be, and hence, Kopi Luwak is the world’s most expensive coffee. Kopi Luwak is Indonesia originated coffee, but now it is manufactured in the Philippines and Vietnam too. It is also known as Poop Coffee or palm civet coffee.

How Does Kopi Luwak Taste?

Kopi Luwak's taste entirely depends on a few factors, such as the variety of coffee seeds, what seasonal fruits are eaten by Civet, soil type, and how long they are roasted. However, it tastes earthy and musty.

Is Kopi Luwak Safe to Drink?

Despite being manufactured this coffee from excrement, it is entirely safe to drink. Processed beans have no contamination of E. coli or any other kind of bacteria.

Cost of Kopi Luwak

The price of Kopi Luwak ranges from $100 to $600 per pound. The cost of the coffee entirely depends on the production process; however, some companies like Ross Kopi sell it for $2000 per kilogram. The primary reason for the high price of Kopi Luwak is its unique manufacturing process and less quantity. It can only be produced in a small amount each year, and that’s what makes it rare.

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