Not Only A Soulmate, You Need A Live-In Relationship Too!

A few years ago, people couldn't even think of having live-in relationships, let alone practice it. Though the concept is quite popular on the western side of the globe, Indians long believed that it is somewhat a bizarre concept. Nonetheless, times are changing, and so is the mentality (we still have a long way to go, though!) We totally get that it is not an easy thing to follow, but at the same time, it immensely helps in you understanding your partner. In India, marriages don't happen between two individuals; it happens between two families and before taking that risk, don't you think it's important to know your partner in and out? Well, the divorce rate is higher than the marriage rate, which clearly defines that you can't really be sure if your partner is the right one for you! We don't mean that live-in relationships seal the deal and guarantee a successful marriage, but at least it lowers the chances! Live-in relationships open the door of a person's personality that you never knew, just like how travelling with a particular person tells you more about their habits and interests.

Here is why live-in relationships are meaningful before tying the knot:

Free of social pressures

Indian marriages come with a lot of pressure for the couple. They need to balance out their life along with managing their family and each other's family too. Even if it's a love marriage, the extra pressure from society can destroy a good and healthy marriage. The personal space is needed, and that you can get only in a live-in relationship without involving each other's families and just focusing on building your own bond.

Manage your finances together

You might think, wait, what? Finances? This is the most underrated step in a marriage, and as a result, many couples fail to divide their finances together and then enters the ego and selfishness, which is a big red flag that it's over. We all expect men to take all the financial responsibility of the house single-handedly but let's face the truth - the inflation rate doesn't allow that, right? Though a couple can have a fight over financial issues during a live-in relationship, deep down, you know that you don't owe anything to your partner, unlike a marriage. Why do you think couples charge high alimony from each other?

A chance to create a deep bond

The spark is really important, whether it's a relationship or a marriage. If the spark is missing, no bond can survive. A live-in relationship helps you to connect with each other, and the bond gets stronger. When it comes to a relationship, the slow and steady always wins the race! Just like a flower, a bond takes time to grow.

Test match for marriage

It may sound funny to you, but it's important to check if the chair is comfortable enough to support your back! When it comes to buying things, we would reject 100s of them and roam around for hours to get that perfect item for us, but when it comes to relationships, we often settle for less or sometimes we don't even know what we deserve and what kind of a person we want to spend our life with. Live-in relationships help to clear that blurry picture.

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