Recipe Alert: Homemade Chyawanprash To Boost Immunity

As India is fighting an invisible enemy, one can't stress enough on the fact about how important it is to keep our immunities strong. Experts all over the world are saying that immunity is an axe to ace coronavirus. But why is boosting your immunity so important? Immunity is the building block of our health, and keeps it strong can keep many harmful viral attacks at bay. Though there are many immunity boosters available in the market, chyawanprash is something that you can easily make at home.

Benefits of Chyawanprash

Since the ancient era, chyawanprash has been used by ayurvedic doctors as it is a multivitamin, immunity booster, and have excellent healing properties. There are several advantages of taking chyawanprash, such as it enhances strength, supports urinary health, aids digestion, promotes heart health, improves respiratory functions, boosts haemoglobin, purifies and detoxifies the blood.

Recipe of Homemade Chyawanprash


  • Amla (Indian gooseberry) - 750 gms
  • Jaggery - 500 gms
  • Desi Ghee - 250 gms
  • Sesame oil - 65 gms
  • Bay Leaves - 5 gms
  • Dry ginger - 10 gms
  • Cardamom - 25 gms
  • Sandalwood - 10 gms
  • Dashmool - 5 gms
  • Triphala - 12 gms
  • Pepper - 5 gms
  • Cloves - 5 gms
  • Nutmeg - 5 gms
  • Cinnamon - 5 gms
  • Prawal bhasma - 2.5 gms
  • Saffron - 2.5 gms


  • Wash the amla properly and pat dry them.
  • Take a pressure cooker, fill it with water and prick the amla for ten minutes or until two whistles.
  • Remove the pressure cooker from heat and let the amla cool down. After cooling, drain the excess water.
  • Take a bowl and transfer the amla. Start mashing the amla and remember to throw the seeds.
  • If you have a hand blender/electric blender, you can blend the amla to get a thick, fine paste.
  • Take a pan and keep it on medium heat; pour ghee, sesame oil and powdered jaggery.
  • In the meantime, take all the ground spices and grind them to make a fine powder.
  • In the pan, add the thick paste of amla, and cook it for ten minutes on low flame.
  • After all the moisture evaporates, add the spice powder and saute for five minutes.
  • Put off the stove and let the mixture get cool.
  • Transfer the mixture into a clean air-tight jar.
You can take the chyawanprash directly or spread it over bread or mix it in a cup of warm water. The herbal combination is safe and can be consumed daily by adults, kids and elders.

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