Rising Sales of Immunity Boosters Amidst Second Wave Panic

The unprecedented arrival of the second wave of the fatal coronavirus has struck newfound terror in the hearts of people all across the globe. Subsequently, in a bid to escape the virus’s unholy wrath, individuals have resorted to seeking the refuge of multiple immunity boosters and hygiene products. Especially in markets that have been worst affected by the second wave, the sales numbers of immunity boosters and other related products have shot up sequentially in the last 7-10 days. Companies are of the opinion, that the rising Covid infections would continue to keep the sales trajectory of these particular categories intact. Following signs of the recession of the first wave, the sales of immunity boosters had assumed a plateau during the course of the last few months. However, with the emergence of the new strains of the virus giving rise to the subsequent onset of the second wave, the sales of these commodities have once again registered a boost. To make the most of this all-pervasive fear, companies have entered the market with innovative and disruptive strategies to successfully propagate the immunity mantra among the consumers. According to reports, ever since the virus took its place among the people, search results of the term “immunity” have undergone a spike of as much as 500 percent. To that extent, every third customer on e-commerce websites has been ordering an immunity-boosting product. With the number of cases registering a record high these days, this trend of hoarding immunity boosters and hygiene products is likely to dictate the marketplace in the unforeseeable future as well.

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