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03 Jun, 2023
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These Post-Meal Habits Are Doing More Harm Than Good!

Do you feel tired after having your meal? Are you facing digestion problems? Well, if you think that only eating healthy food is enough to make you fit, then you are highly mistaken! The post-meal activities have a significant impact on our health and decide how our body would behave. We often commit some mistakes post-meal without knowing that they can have a gruesome effect on our health. No matter how healthy the food is, if you are making post-meal mistakes, you are probably very far from being fit.

The most common myth in the market is that you should immediately go for a walk after eating as it helps in digestion, but nobody would tell you that the walking should be done after at least 30 minutes because the food needs some time to settle.

Here are the 5 things that you shouldn’t do post-meal:

Smoking is a ‘no-no’

Though smoking is anyway bad for your health, smoking a cigarette right after having a meal is ten times the killer! Even one cigarette post-meal is equivalent to smoking 10 cigarettes. They contain carcinogens that may worsen bowel syndrome and even lead to ulcerative colitis.

Don’t take fruits

Fruits are healthy in general, but when you take them post-meal, they can mess up with the food you just had and not let them travel to the intestines in time. As a result, the food tends to get spoiled. However, you can eat fruits an hour before having your meal or two hours post-meal.  

Avoid taking showers

You must be wondering how bathing has anything to do with eating. Well, let us break the myth to you – bathing after a meal interrupts the digestion process. When you take a bath post-meal, the blood around the stomach flow to other parts of the body instead of helping with digestion.  

Don’t consume tea/coffee

Many of us like to have a piping hot cup of tea/coffee just after our meal, but it is quite bad for our health. There are some phenolic compounds present in them that limit the consumption of iron. You can have tea/coffee at least after an hour of having your meal. 

Never sleep immediately

Well, who doesn’t want to sleep right after having a satisfying meal but dozing off immediately is a bad idea. When we lie down to sleep, many digestive juices released in our body tends to travel in opposite directions, thus affecting the entire digestion process of our body. 

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