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03 Jun, 2023
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This Is How You Can Maintain Good Eye Health

The last few months have been a roller coaster ride in terms of lockdown and the second wave of the covid-19 pandemic. This lockdown has also increased our screen timing more than ever, be it work from home or scrolling through social media; our eyes are constantly exposed to harmful rays of laptops, smartphones are desktop. Everyone would agree that a good vision is very important, so taking screen breaks and eating a healthy diet is essential to maintain your eye health.

These are the tips that you must follow to maintain a good eye health:

Eat well-balanced meal

eye health

Image credits: IrisVision

If you want to maintain your eye health, consume foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, C, leafy green vegetables and fish. Many foods such as fatty fish contain essential omega-3 fatty acids that are important for maintaining good eye health. Eating a well-balanced meal will also keep your weight in check and lower your odds of getting type II diabetes, which is the leading cause of blindness.

Get 8 hours of sleep

eye health

Image credits: The Indian Express

One can’t stress enough on the fact that how important sleep is for maintaining eye health. Getting sound sleep will not only help your eyes relax but increase your productivity in general.

Quit smoking

eye health

Image credits: Healthline

Smoking can increase your chance of getting cataracts, damaging of optic nerve, muscular degeneration. However, there has been no evidence that establishes a direct connection between smoking and eye health, but we are aware that smoking has a detrimental effect on our health.

Use safety eyewear

eye health

Image credits: Health magazine

Our screen time has increased tremendously, making our eyes exposed to harmful rays. The right pair of safety eyewear with polycarbonate lenses will protect your eyes from the harmful blue light coming from laptops and desktops.

Take screen breaks

eye health

Image credits: Personnel Today

Staring at the computer for too long can cause blurry vision, headaches, dry eyes and shoulder pain. In order to avoid them, it’s vital to take screen breaks and give your eyes the rest that they need. You can close your eyes for 10-15 minutes and take a rest from constantly staring at the screen. You can also wash your face every two hours.

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