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28 May, 2023
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Ideas for Hosting a Great Party in Bangalore

Tips and Ideas for Hosting a Great Party in Bangalore

So you are thinking to host a party, but don’t know where to start. Easy does it! There’s a first time for anything you do and this time, it’s a party that you are going to organize. Whether you are throwing a lavish holiday feast or it’s a cozy family gathering, the key to excel is knowing about what to do and in what order. So if you have never hosted a party then no worries, we are here to give you the best tips and ideas for hosting a great party in Bangalore. With little know-how, you can rock the hosting of your first party! So, here we go!

Party Like a Pro!

You will definitely not want to have a punctured evening with awkward silence! For an enjoyable party, the key is careful planning. Create a list of all that you want to get done at the party, from party theme, guest list, catering, and everything. However, don’t plan to do it all by yourself. You can hire the service providers for the best and most timely results. For the best catering services and to make your evening delicious, Bhandary’s Kitchen has the best menu curated as per your party needs. With excellent catering services, you will be able to celebrate flourishingly when the party time will roll around.

Get here the Tips and Ideas to Host a Great Party in Bangalore!

  • Strategically Manage the Space

Usually, people think to have a cavernous space for their event, however, even small spaces can be managed well. Cavernous space doesn’t make your guest have subtle conversations with strangers. The perimeters can be decided well on time and can be managed with proper planning so that people can congregate and get the chance to bump into someone new. Also, make sure you keep chairs on side space to help guests set up whenever they want. 

  • Easy-to-Munch Menu

No matter what’s the theme of your party, where are you arranging it and all, the guests love food. And, if that’s unique and delectable then they will not forget pampering you for the same.

The hand-held bites are well-preferred by the guests. Bhandary’s Kitchen prepares a wide variety of two-bite favorites that add an extra layer of contentment to your guests. We have an abundance of ideas for mouthwatering easy-yet-healthy recipes to make your guests surprised with the feast. 

  • Choose Decor Wisely

A theme party necessitates having decor that reflects it. Vibrant seasonal flowers, candles, patterned tableware, and many other aspects can be contemplated to have the best decor that matches the theme and is admired by the guests too.

  • Snack Station- Icing on the Cake! 

Have you ever thought of having a separate snack station? Our professional caterers are well-experienced in creating a special corner complementing pretzels, candies, nuts, popcorns, and a mixture of sweet snacks. Kids and adults love having small bowls of crunchy snack mix always.

  • Elegant Party Playlist

Make a playlist that satisfies all tastes. Keep your friends singing, dancing, and head-bobbing. If it’s a theme party then make the list as per theme and let them all groove on the beats. It’s the best way to avoid any silences and keep them always engaged. 

  • Portable Desserts 

Whether it’s a kid’s birthday party or a pool-side party, personal portable desserts are always in demand. These single-serve cookie bags with an added layer of complementing ingredients are ideal for get-togethers. Bhandary’s Kitchen is well-known for adding this amazing punch of desserts.

  • Keep it Comfy

Mingling and mixing up is always fun. However, rest is also necessary for your guests so keep the places to sit as well. With a comfortable seating arrangement for a minimum of 30% of the total crowd, you can keep it comfortable and soothing. By having so, anyone who desires to have a seat can get it and stay connected with the event.  

  • Decide the Place to Keep Food

If you haven’t decided the place to put the food then all your guests will keep rushing to your kitchen. It would turn messy for you to manage all of them there. So, it’s good to decide in advance and put the appetizers where you want guests to remain most of the time. 

  • Peak Moments in Group

By giving your guests peak moments and group talks, you can keep them connected always. Having comfortable talks and a soothing environment brings magic to your moments. You don’t need to be in charge of it to make them feel excited and enjoyable. The ‘group think’ moment strengthens the bonding than ever. 

Even you can engage them in some activities, like, playing games, using food as bonding, serving snacks, using props, etc. Everyone will enjoy the moments and have quality time with each other. This extra fun will keep guests engaged and make their peak moments as well. 

  • Small Details Big Difference

If you think heavy decorations are out of your budget then this tip is simply for you. Even adding small details like a bouquet of flowers, cute paper straws, balloons, and alike inexpensive materials can add a big difference to its overall appearance. This small detailing can make your event more elegant and memorable.

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