TW: Visit These Creepy Websites At Your Own Risk!

The advent of the internet has undoubtedly solved many of our problems, but the part of the internet that we are exposed to is equivalent to the tip of an iceberg. There's obviously a lot of informative content, but there's a lot of horrible content here too. However, humans have a curious nature, and some people find oddly creepy things satisfying. Well, to each his own! Our team crawled through the web to get you 8 such creepy websites that will not only give you jump scares but make you question life in general! 

Sit down, turn off the lights and read about these 8 creepy websites: (if you dare!) 

Plane Crash Info

A plane crash is a devastating phenomenon. You can't imagine what one feels when they see death coming. Well, this website has legit mp3 transcriptions of passengers shouting and panicking moments before the plane crash. It's pretty too much to take! 


How would if you feel if you know that someone is watching everything that you are doing? Like 24-hr surveillance? This website lets you watch people and places all over the world through the eyes of a surveillance camera. There's literally a live camera, and it's possible that once you access the website, someone is watching you too! 

Skyway Bridge Jumpers

You must have heard about the very famous Sky Bridge in Florida? Well, the place is famous as it is the fourth most suicide active bridge in the United States. What if we tell you that a website keeps track of how many people died by suicide from this bridge? It's basically a dedicated suicide follower website. 


If you think that ghosts aren't real, well, you must visit this website once! This website is a collection of some horrifying ghost stories, and some of them are even true! Surf this site in a dark room, and you probably won't be able to sleep for at least a week. 

Death Row

By far, this is the most creepy website out of all. This website continuously updates and includes the last words of people who are going to be executed. The statements are made by real-life prisoners who were on death row. It's terrifying and will send a chill down your spine! 

The Simulation Argument

This website is more of a mind-bending kinda thing. The website will convince you that we aren't real and basically living in some sort of computer simulation a la The Matrix. Not only this, but the website also offers a lot of studies and scientific reasons to prove what they are saying is the ultimate truth. Too much of this website can make you lose touch with reality. 

The Deep Web

If you think that you have surfed all that the internet has to offer, in that case, you are entirely wrong! From search engines to results, it's literally a small part of the internet world. A legit deep web exists where unimaginable and unbelievable stuff exists. Mind you, the deep web's content can scar you for life too! 

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