When In Kolkata, Check Out These 4 Exclusive Street Markets!

Kolkata dubbed as the City of Joy, is famous for its rich history, cultural heritage, delicious cuisines, busy lifestyle, and legacy of great souls in the literary sphere. While the metropolis is a delightful lover's paradise, it also has a plethora of historic marketplaces that will double your pleasure if you ever decide to tour the city.  From clothing to kitchen staples, Kolkata's marketplaces provide something for everyone and at a price that won't break the bank. This coastal city is truly a shopping paradise for all shoppers! If you're visiting Kolkata, these street markets will satisfy your shopping needs to a great extent!

Bara Bazaar

This street market is similar to Delhi's Chandni Chowk. The market is split into various sections and is noted for its colorful pieces of street smart fashion garments and extended street cuisine. Besides, it provides anything ranging from delectable spices to fabrics to electronic items. Location: 8, Mullick Street, Bortola, Barabazar Market, Kolkata-700007

New Market

This street market, which is one of Kolkata's oldest business hubs, sells eye-catching and unique consumer products as well as a vast range of textile materials. The market has more than 2000 stalls where you may find jewelry pieces, readymade outfits, luggage and traveling items, and almost anything that you're looking for! All the things are of superior quality but it is highly recommended to hone your bargaining skills to get a favorable discount. Location: 19, Lindsay Street, New Market, Esplanade (Taltala), Kolkata-700087


The Sunshine shopping plaza specializes in one-of-a-kind apparel and fabrics! In addition to high-quality garments, you'll discover attractive cutlery and handwoven bags at a reasonable price in this shopping extension. However, don't forget to strike the best deal through bargaining. Location: Near Hotel Plaza, Colootola, New Market, Esplanade (Taltala), Kolkata-700016

Hatibagan Market

Hati, which means elephant, and Bagan, that denotes garden in Bengali language is a bustling market in north Kolkata that used to sell exotic birds and various breeds of pets until a fire broke out in 2012. Things slowed down a bit because of the fire, but the market held its ground and currently sells the most gorgeous cotton and silk sarees extracted from across the country and local weavers in the West Bengal suburbs.  Even though the market is known for its gorgeous patterned sarees, it also sells a wide range of other products such as designer bags, junk jewelry, trendy shoes, cooking basics, and assorted household stuff. Location: Manicktala, Khanna, Shyam Bazar, Kolkata-700006 If you're planning to visit Kolkata, these 4 choicest market places will provide you with a memorable shopping experience.

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