Who is Marie Kondo, and What Can We Learn from Her?

Marie Kondo is a Japanese author, TV show host, and consultant. She has written a total of four books on organizing that has been translated into several languages. Millions of copies of her books have been sold. Kondo's book The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up was published in 2011, and it was a best-seller in Japan as well as Europe. Marie Kondo became very popular in the United States and the United Kingdom when the Netflix series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo was released in 2019. Marie Kondo is an epitome of a woman who inspires others to do good things. Here are some powerful life lessons we can learn from Marie Kondo.

Empathize with Your Stuff

It may sound silly, but it works. According to Kondo, you should empathize with your stuff in order to get rid of clutter. Whenever you place an object, consider how comfortable it is. It will drive you to organize things nicely.

What Brings You Joy

Every item that you possess should bring you joy. Hold an item randomly and ask yourself does it give you joy? If no, then probably that item is useless. Surround yourself with the stuff that brings you joy; it will help you keep things well organized.


Deal with the least sensible value objects first, such as clothes, books, etc. If you try to get rid of clutter in one go, you will probably abandon the project. Hence, go step by step and organize everything category-wise.

Avoid Being Nostalgic

Humans often feel nostalgic from time to time, especially when you see something that reminds you of some good memories. But sometimes, falling prey to nostalgia can derail the decluttering process so, whether you see your old college photos, old shoes, letters, etc. It would be best if you did not fall prey to nostalgia.

Fold, Avoid Holding

Kondo suggests folding clothes rather than holding them. Folded clothes can easily be seen, and you don't have to dishevel your clothing to get to the clothes you need. You don't need to follow all the rules; you can follow those suit you the most.

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