Meme Alert: Are You Ready To Go On A Meme-Coaster Ride?

We are halfway through 2021, and the year isn't going anything like the way we anticipated! Though we all are sick of it, one of the most exciting parts of the year was that we got enough time to crawl through the internet and look for the memes that broke the internet this week. Well, memes are funny, crazy, and relatable AF! What's better than laughing at your life issues? The world is already going through a pandemic!  So, we've collected the trending memes of the week, and as promised, we are here with them! It's Fry-yay, and the weekend is approaching! The meme culture is getting bigger and better. We stumble upon a lot of memes, and after having a good laugh session, we send it to someone else for their enjoyment! Don't you think that memes are like laugh therapy? Memes have now become an unavoidable part of our lives, and we can't help but incorporate memes into any and every conversation!

So, here are the memes that are trending right now:

Me wishing: 'Yeh bhi Gold, yeh bhi Gold, yeh bhi Gold, yeh bhi Gold' 

The Olympics is here at LPU; where are you?

When 'chacha vidhayak hai humare' doesn't work!

*pun intended*


*Yeh baburao ka style hai!*

My mom describing my 'Social Media Manager' job profile: "Bas social media pe hi laga rehta hai"

Me to the delivery guy: "Wahan aakey kisi se bhi puch lena" 

This is the dilemma of every working professional out there!

*Aap thoda over motivate ho gaye, thoda practical hokey socho*

That's all, folks! See you next Friday


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