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28 May, 2023
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Spilling The Trendiest Memes Of The Week

Life is full of stress, and memes help to reboot our systems, providing us with the much-needed break from our daily routine. Memes are highly relatable, quirky and contain different degrees of humour. Some memes are so funny that they can make you struggle in holding back a roar of laughter in public or workspaces.

Even if memes can’t cure a hangover, they can surely increase your endorphins and make you feel happier, especially when you are having a bad day!
As promised, we are back to take you on a hilarious journey! Check out the memes that broke the internet this week:

Can you all tell the name of the movie?

Meanwhile, me eyeing my bed!

Baba Ramdev: Mai bacchon se baat nahi karta!

Truth be told, no one can save you from midnight cravings and that look in your mother’s eyes when you wake her up! :’)

*For all the die-hard Govinda fans out there*

Meanwhile, me: Lagta hai mere gharwaley hi Chellum sir hai!

To all the single folks out there, shakal se toh single nahi lagte aap?

When you solve a math problem three times and get a different answer each time!

Meanwhile, me: My English is my English, none of your English

Don’t underestimate the power of an Indian dad shutting your mouth :’)

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Jitna bhi try karo Bunny, Samsung toh hang hogi hi!

Le me* Isse badi sazaa aur kya hogi ki jaan bhi nikal li aur zinda bhi chhor diya!

Meanwhile, coronavirus: Utha le re baba, arey merko nahi, is teesre ko utha le!

Are you also a graduate?

Are you guys having Deja Vu? Cox, we are definitely having one!

Harshvardhan Kapoor just got tricked!

*Tumse na ho payega*

Nobody got a sarcasm like Atharva from The Family Man 2

That’s all, folks! Don’t forget to come back next Friday!

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