The Entertaining Memes Of The Week Are Here!

Today is Friday, the 13th! A lot of superstitions existed around the world - black cat crossing the road, mirror breaking, someone sneezing just when you are about to go somewhere! Well, all these superstitions are famous but not as famous as the theory that Friday the 13th brings bad luck and is considered a curse day! Well, we don't know what's the deal with that, but just to get you through this day, we have got some hilarious AF memes! Well, if you think that Friday the 13th is not such a big deal, but people cancel their meetings, airline tickets are cheaper, and people avoid organizing any 'shubh' occasion. Due to the weird energy that has been created around Friday the 13th, you are bound to feel a little anxious, but we are here to break it down or at least town it down with some light and funny memes! BTW, every time a month begins with a Sunday, every 13th will fall on Friday - simple math, you guys! (pun intended) As promised, we are back to give you your weekly dose of memes on Fry-yay!!!

Meanwhile, Indian parents: *Inko aata hi nahi, inse hota hi nahi*

[videopress QJa5GAol]

Have you felt the same thing, lately?

[caption id="attachment_17880" align="alignnone" width="300"]memes Image credits: Instagram/sagarcasm[/caption]

2022 is gonna be my year!

Just mom being mom!

What's next? The currency? (probably!)

[videopress uTYtyMZx]

Manager be like: 'Login karke marna'

[videopress 1lg7Uhte]

This is going to stay the same even if I turn 37!

[caption id="attachment_17883" align="alignnone" width="300"]memes Image credits: Instagram/daalmakhniii[/caption]

Trigger content!

[caption id="attachment_17884" align="alignnone" width="300"]memes Image credits: Instagram/ theprayagtiwari[/caption]

Me keeping the swag intact after changing the company!

[caption id="attachment_17885" align="alignnone" width="300"]memes Image credits: corp.rats[/caption]

Meanwhile, Indian audience to Ekta Kapoor: "Tu meri le toh nahi raha?"

[videopress 6AsNOYkh]

Isn't this relatable AF?

[videopress D64II7Le]

Legit scenes after I watch a horror movie:

Me to everything: 'Yeh bhooth hai, yeh bhooth hai, yeh bhi bhooth hai'

[videopress IDVn2k3V]

CBSE setting the maximum and minimum range of marks!

Minimum: 91 Maximum: 100

[videopress UhVhnONo]

That's all folks, see you next Friday!

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