These Memes Will Increase Your Endorphin Levels!

You gotta admit if we say that life is overly stressful and all of us need an anti-stress habit that can successfully reboot our system. Well, there are a lot of activities that releases stress like snacking on munchies, binge eating our comfort food or watching a comedy film. Though these are all great ways to release tension, another anti-stress activity that exists is scrolling memes and laughing our hearts out!

Well, laughing does increase endorphin levels and what’s better than watching something that contains different degrees of humour and are highly relatable! It’s like secretly laughing at your own situation, you guys!

Memes can get you giggling behind your work desk or make you have an uncontrollable laughing session in a public area. Nonetheless, memes might not be able to cure a hangover or make the irritating co-worker disappear, but they can surely make you feel a little lighter and happier. Memes per day can give you – ‘Jo hoga dekha jayega’ kinda feels!

Here are the memes that are hilarious AF: (ready for a meme-coaster ride?) 

Meanwhile, ALTBalaji: “Mereko aise dhak dhak horela hai!”


Image credits: Instagram/sagarcasm

Mumbaikars to B Praak: ‘”Apne yaar ko bol hasna band kare”

Ultra-level patience if the ‘skip ad’ option is unavailable!


Image credits: Instagram/sagarcasm

Agar baarish mai ghar bhethe ho toh zinda ho tum!

Or someone giving you pervert vibes!


Image credits: Instagram/thenaveenkukreja

Can y’all guess which movie is this?

Meanwhile, me to doctor: “Arey! Kehna kya chahte ho?”


Image credits: Instagram/

Moolchand nahi, Moochand ji bol!

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This scene is like a potato; it can fit in anywhere!

Yeh maa ka pyar nahi toh aur kya hai?


Image credits: lubmemes_official

Meanwhile, Indian families: “Shuru majboori mai kiye they, ab mazaa aara hai!”

My alarm to me every morning: “Tumse na ho paayega!”


Image credits: memetara

*pun intended*


Image credits: sarcasmoverloaded

Isn’t this so relatable?


Our heartfelt sympathies to every student who had a ‘Zoom farewell.’


Image credits: AVP jokes

That’s all, folks! See you next Friday!

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