Watch These Trending Memes To Avoid FOMO!

Laughter is the best medicine and a cure for many maladies. Memes provide a great laughing session sometimes, a burst of hysterical laughter which can also scare some people away. We are halfway through 2021, and TO BE HONEST, it isn't going great! However, don't worry, as our team sat down to find the trendiest memes of the week, and we pottered around online to get you the best memes so that at least you can laugh out some of your stress! Well, we don't know if there will be any third wave of the pandemic, but memes have always got our back, and they won't disappoint us like the year 2021 did. (sad reacts only)

Here are the trending memes of the week that you need to see to avoid FOMO:

When a lazy person refuses to let go of his bed

BTW, is there anything that Ranveer can't ace?


Why is the gap isn't increasing between the arrival of different variants of covid-19?


You can't disagree that Kangana Ranaut is a good...great meme material!


How 'Ek teer se do nishane' looks like:


Meanwhile, me drunk-dialling my ex :)


No one can beat Aakash Gupta!


Meme lovers, take a note!


*My disappointment walk when I don't find anything in the fridge at 3 am*


Meanwhile, me to my college: 'Am I joke to you?'


The boyfriend be like: "Abba nahi manenge"

[videopress 1PWYNY7d]

Tum sab ke bina meri zindagi adhuri hai :)


*Finding new ways to be lazy is the only productive thing I have done*


Alexa respects Tiwari, you guys!


When you take the lyrics of a song too seriously


When you start applying the lyrics of the song in your life


*Petition to declare Disha Patani as a mermaid*


That's all, folks! Keep sharing memes and keep laughing. Don't forget to come back next Friday for your daily dose of trending memes.

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