Why Does A Software Engineer At Microsoft Turn Into A Rapido Captain?

It is true that if you do not like your job, then your work life will take away moments of joy from you. In such a situation, it is good for you to engage in activities of your interest. This same fundamental is being followed by hundreds of examples of top executives from MNCs who are doing the meagre job just to follow their passion and make their lives worth living.    Here, the discussion is about a software engineer from Bengaluru who works as a Rapido captain in his spare time.  Yes! You read it right. A software engineer of Microsoft works as a Rapido captain in his free time. He came into the limelight recently when a Twitter user named Nikhil Seth shared an odd incident from his life in Bengaluru.  One day, Nikhil booked a Rapido bike to travel to his desired destination. During his ride, the rider started a friendly conversation with him. That was when he learned that the driver was a software engineer at Microsoft https://twitter.com/NikhilSSeth/status/1551237669459755008 You may probably think he is doing this extra work because of some financial issues. But! Your assumption is incorrect, as he opted for Rapido captainship because of his hobby of interacting with new people. The tweet shared by Nikhil Seth received hundreds of likes and 50+ replies. In fact, many users retweeted the same post and cited they, too, wanted to do something like this. You can learn more by searching for such multi-tasking individuals from your social media handles. As the social media world is filled with hundreds of similar incidences, where businesspeople sell pakodas, drive taxis, and do other similar tasks just to follow their passion. https://twitter.com/Indianepics/status/1551504138130690049     https://twitter.com/GovindrAgrawal/status/1551546457429143552 Indeed, modern work culture has significantly disrupted the work-life balance. Hence you must maintain a healthy work-life balance to make your life worth living. For this, you can do something as the software engineer does or find your own passion. 

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