Chicago-Based Meta Company Sues Facebook For Allegedly Copying Its Name

Just a few weeks after Mark Zuckerberg-owned Facebook company adopted its new name 'Meta', it is being reported that a Chicago-based Meta Company filed a lawsuit against Facebook for allegedly stealing its name. The Meta Company founder Nate Skulic said that the social networking site stole its name and also alleged that Facebook lawyers have been persistently trying to convince the company to sell its name. However, when Facebook failed to buy the name, the company aimed to bury the Meta firm by media force.  On 28th October 2021, Nate Skulic led Meta Company released a statement and stated: "Facebook decided to commit trademark infringement and call themselves Meta," "They couldn't buy us, so they tried to bury us by force of media. We shouldn't be surprised by these actions - from a company that continually says one thing and does another. Facebook and its operating officers are deceitful and acting in bad faith, not only towards us but to all of humanity. This message may be regarded as a public cease and desist," added the tech firm's statement.  Read Meta Company's official statement here: https://meta.company/ Facebook has constantly been facing the wrath of the US Congress after a whistleblower exposed some crucial information about the social networking site, which have raised many eyebrows and scrutiny over users' data privacy. Right after the expose, there were speculations of Mark Zuckerberg planning to rebrand the whole company and change its name. Though Facebook initially declined to comment on mere speculations, CEO Mark Zuckerberg revealed the new name and the concept of Metaverse behind it at Facebook's Annual Connect Conference.  Last month, Facebook rebranded itself and changed its name to 'Meta', revealing the apparent dream of the company to contribute to the establishment of Metaverse, a term originally coined by sci-fi novelist Neal Stephenson. The idea behind Metaverse is that people are transferred into a completely virtual world where they can move in a virtual environment and also use different types of devices to communicate.  https://twitter.com/Meta/status/1453795115701440524 Meta Company founder Mr Skulic further elaborated: "It's unfortunate to have been associated with a company so rooted in controversy and fixated on domination. We aim to be distinguished from Facebook's totalitarian view of the future. We hope the negative association with Facebook and its founder will be forgotten — but we won't ignore the damages done," The name 'Meta' is a live trademark that was filed for Meta Company in 2016 and lists the registrant owner in Chicago. However, for Meta, there is another 2015 trademark with the owner listed as the Chan Zuckerberg initiative.  Though many people appreciated Facebook's new move, some have called it strategic and a mere attempt to distract the public from the ongoing scrutiny over the social networking site's practices.  Meta (Facebook company) is yet to react to these allegations. 

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