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31 Mar, 2023
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International day of the girl child

International Day Of The Girl Child: Where We Stand After 10 Years Of International Recognition

Globally, October 11 marks the commemoration of recognizing equal rights and dignity of a girl child in the society. In a world where the female gender is still struggling to get equal opportunities in all walks of life, initiatives like international recognition are only a few steps. Beyond these, a long journey awaits justice delivery to crime victims in society. Yes, it’s true that in the society, children are easy prey to miscreants. Therefore, International day of the girl child is celebrated in commemoration to make people aware of the challenges that lie ahead.

Though United Nations accepted that girl children are not safe, its policies are yet to show practical results. Yes! The condition of children is not good because they are easy prey for the vultures of the society. In fact, the situation is highly serious, especially for female adolescents, because a significant proportion of registered crime cases against children are committed against the female populace.

The Condition of West Asia And European Countries

The figures show a worrying picture of Arab countries and western nations. The European nations, although support equal rights and opportunities for everyone, they lag at the ground level as the crime rate against girl children is still on the rise.

We can relate better to the downgrading condition of females with the recent killing of  Iranian woman for her call to boycott hijab. The incident shows an alarming picture of atrocities experienced by women of Arab countries. Taking about India, the condition is highly disappointing too. The number of incidents related to rape, kidnapping, early marriage, and many more are rapidly growing.

What is India’s Position?

According to the recently published figures of the National Crime Record Bureau (NCRB), the eastern states of India have acquired the top position in the number of reported incidents.

The average figure of the study suggests a rate of 26 incidents per day in a year. In fact, girl child contributes a significant proportion in that list. Well, the figures released by NCRB were about the registered cases, but in a country where patriarchy holds a strong position, a lot of cases against young boys are still unregistered.

Not only the isolated portions of India are unsafe for the girl child but even the schools in the country’s capital have their own horrific stories.

Recently, in July, an 11-year-old girl from Delhi’s Kendriya Vidyalaya was gang raped by the students of the same school. In fact, the incident remained unnoticed for a long period. It came in public eye only on October 6 when the Delhi Commission for Women issued a notice to the Delhi police about the same incident. This shows the poor structure of the complaint registry system of our country.

With the available figures, one thing that becomes clear is that the rise in the number of cases is the outcome of people’s unawareness of their rights and the legal mechanism that is available for them.

Beyond these, poor education coverage also affects the growing crime graph. It is true because the cases highlighted in the NCRB report were mainly registered in states with low literacy rates such as Bihar, West Bengal, Odisha, Assam, Jharkhand, Madhya Pradesh, and Rajasthan, among others. Among these, Jharkhand, over the last few months, has emerged as the hotspot of heinous crimes against adolescent girls.

What Are The Steps That Could Be Taken To Prevent Crime Against Girl Child?

Well, if we go on counting the figures, we can end up writing a long list because the instances are countless. Even though the issue has come to the knowledge of the United Nations, it is yet to show its results at the ground level.

If we look at the legal frameworks, lawmakers have fulfilled their duties by framing stringent laws to penalize atrocities against young children. However, until the countrymen cannot come to take the initiative, the policies are of no means.

As one of the top judges of the Supreme Court pointed out at his speech that the judicial structure and constitutional principles have to cover a long way to get normalized into mythologically motivated Indian society.

The main issue lies with the countrymen, as police and other agencies cannot reach all sections of society. Thus, social organizations have to come out to spread the message in isolated parts of the country.

It is also our responsibility to identify and complain about incidents happening in our surroundings. We can our save our daughters by taking an oath this International day of the girl child that we will never compromise in supporting them.

If we speak about the role of administration, its duty is to ensure that the schools are obliged to the guidelines instructed by the Ministry of Education. Other than this, the police administration has to ensure the safety of paths surrounding the school premises. It is also the responsibility of parents to regularly ask their children about their daily routine and guide them about self-defence practices.

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