Is Cannibalism Still Prevailing In India? See Shocking Cases of Eating Human Flesh!

India as country became modern only after bringing reforms in some of its problematic traditional practices. However, a specific population still relies on inhumane practices for their prosperity.

The case of human sacrifice in Kerala

Recently, a case of human sacrifice came to light from Kerala in which a couple remorselessly murdered two women to overcome their financial troubles. The issue attracted media attention as the couple chopped the body parts of the deceased into small pieces. While an incident of human sacrifice sounds like a plot of a crime-thriller series, it's actually a reality that could turn your nights into sleepless ones. The case of the brutal murder of two women is from Elanthoor village of Kerala's Pathanamthitta district. The prime accused in the case, Muhammad Shafi, lured two lottery-selling women named Roslyn and Padma into bringing them at the house of his associates (the accused couple). Shafi then first raped and brutally killed them in the name of bringing prosperity to the couple. This is not the first human sacrifice ritual incident that came into limelight. There have been many such cases in India where people have performed human sacrifice to gain wealth, fame, power etc.

What Happened With Roslyn and Padma?

Two lottery-selling women were lured by a psychopath cum sexual pervert Muhammad Shafi. The accused planned and executed the murders by roping in a couple -- Bhagaval Singh and his wife Laila. The couple had been going through financial difficulties, and Shafi promised them financial gains through ritual killings. The words of Shafi felt promising to Bhagaval and his wife, so they agreed to act on Shafi's instructions. After instructing the couple, Shafi first lured Roslyn, 50, a resident of Kalady near Angamaly, for Rs 10 lakh in June. After bringing her to Bhagaval, he tied Roslyn's hands to the cot and slit her head. Besides this, he chopped Roslyn's body into multiple pieces and buried in the ground. According to reports, a missing report of Roslyn was registered in June, but the police didn't find any evidence related to the missing victim. However, while investigating the matter of Padma, Kerala police was able to solve the mystery of Roslyn's killing. The police, in its submissions, reported that the accused raped Roslyn before killing her. Even after taking the life of Roslyn, his sexual desires didn't calm. So, he convinced Bhagaval and his wife again by citing: The evil has spelt strong magic on their growth, to get over to that resistance you (couple) have to present one more sacrifice to the god,”  He then lured another lottery-selling woman, Padma, for Rs 15,000 in late September. After luring her, he followed the same pattern as he did with Roslyn.

Suspected case of Cannibalism

Shafi's charm on his associates Bhagaval and Laila was so high that the couple even ate the chopped body parts of the deceased on his instructions. From the house of Bhagaval, the investigating team recovered more than 56 pieces of Padma's body that were placed in a bucket for burying.

How Police Investigated Human Sacrifice In Kerala?

In early June, Roslyn, a resident of Kalady, went missing from her house. After searching for her mother for more than two months, Roslyn's daughter filed a missing report on August 17. As the report was submitted too late, the police didn't find any evidence to locate Roslyn. However, on September 26, Padma's sister filed a complaint about her at the Kadavanthra police station, Kochi. Acting on the report, the investigating team got its first clue from the CCTV footage. In the footage, Padma was seen entering a white Scorpio car on September 26, the same day she went missing. The CCTV trail from roadside cameras led the team to Pathanamthitta, the residence of Bhagaval and Laila. On October 9, the pictures of the same car were captured by the CCTV of Jose Thomas's house. The footage depicted that Padma entered the house of the couple. This brought the house under police's surveillance and landed the couple in suspect list. That was when the police discovered evidence about the killing of Roslyn too. The incident in Kerala is not the only instance where life of a human has been sacrificed to please some unknown gods. In fact, there are many cases where people under the influence of some self-proclaimed Gurus performed ritual killings.

Some of the famous cannibalism cases in India

Nithari Killing

Nithari is a place near Delhi that shocked the whole country in 2005 and 2006 with the killing of many women in a bungalow. The intensity of brutality was so high that neighbours still term the mansion a House of Horrors. Moninder Singh Pandher, the owner of the bungalow, along with his house help, Surinder Koli, committed heinous crimes of serial kidnapping, murder, and rape. The co-accused in the case, Surinder Koli, claimed that his employer was habitual of bringing prostitutes home and that he had to watch their intimate moments. Additionally, on the command of his house owner, he had to prepare a meal for them. This instigated his sexual and inhumane desires to chop their bodies. As reported by a leading media house, as many as 19 girls were raped and killed by the accused.

Killer King Raja

While discussing the alleged cannibals of Indian society, the name of Raja Kolander is an interesting one to be mentioned. As per reports, Raja was accused of killing more than 15 people. However, the killings came in limelight only after the murder of a journalist in Prayagraj. The real name of Raja Kolander is Ram Niranjan, and his real identity was exposed when police arrested him for the killing of Dhirender Shah. During the investigation, Raja accepted that in addition to Dhirender, he has murdered more than 15 peoples.. The accused also accepted that he ran a gang of vehicle thieves who not only engaged in the looting of vehicles but also killed the drivers. The horrific part of those killings was chopping the deceased bodies and consuming their body parts.

The Juvenile Cannibal of Ludhiana 

Not only have people of the adult age group shown their mental sickness, but juveniles' mindset also requires active monitoring. The best reference for the crime lies in the January 2017 case of Ludhiana, where a 16-year-old teenager killed and cannibalized a nine-year-old in Ludhiana. Terming the case as horrific, the police mentioned that the accused extracted the victim's heart after strangling him to death and later dumped the body in the school compound. Horrendously, the accused confessed that he drank blood and ate flesh from the deceased's body. The interesting fact about this case was the teen's habit of watching crime shows on television.

What Are The Factors Responsible For Cannibalism In India?

The cases that we discussed somewhere describes the fragility of societal pillars. Yes, the cases directly hints that a dedicated section of psychopaths and cannibals are around us. Some of these get their inspiration from TV shows and web series, while some get trapped into unethical practices related to black magic. While defining Indian society to anyone, the concept of black magic needs an important mention. People, while undergoing any struggle in their lives, try to seek a certain form of assistance and thus, they enter into the vicious trap of self-proclaimed Babas. In fact, we can find hundreds of advertisements of such Gurus and Babas in public places. Well, with education reaching all sections of society, the popularity of such practices is lowering. But total eradication of black magic, cannibalism, human sacrifice still has a long way to go. TV shows and now, web series also plays a significant role in keeping this practice alive even today. The case from Ludhiana, where a juvenile killed a nine-year-old is the best example of it. In the case, it was found that the accused was habitual of watching crime serials, and in most of the crime series, brutal killing scenes are common. For example, TV serials like CID, Crime Petrol, Fear Files, etc., dedicatedly cover such crimes. Thus, the need for strong regulations is necessary for the present scenario. Additionally, the administration should keep a check on self-proclaimed Babas and Gurus.

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