Twitter’s New Policy Leaves Users Surprised As Their Follower Count Drops Significantly

We see the social media platform’s new policy in the latest Twitter updates. It has been stated that users cannot use an image or a video of another person without their consent. While it sounds perfectly reasonable, Indian Twitter users were left dumbfounded when their follower count suddenly dropped on December 2. However, this is not the first time the platform has attempted to remove Twitter spam accounts permanently.  Earlier this year, the social media giant carried out an exercise much like this one to clean the portal of inactive accounts, spam content, and bots. Apparently, this move was made by Twitter to help the prevention of spam as well as ensure secure accounts for all users. Twitter stated at the time that users might notice fluctuations in their follower count from time to time as accounts were instructed to verify their phone numbers and passwords. This repeated drop in follower count results from yet another policy in the “Twitter removing accounts” campaign.  The microblogging website is quite thorough in its policing of the accounts on the platform as it reconfirms the passwords and phone numbers of users from time to time. This helps them confirm the accounts and assess any spam content or accounts. Twitter is taking these important steps to maintain its authenticity. There is a lot of possibility of misuse of information and malicious activities through fake accounts in present times. So, it is a great step to curb the issue of spam content.  According to Twitter, they have removed more than 3000 accounts running their website. These accounts were operating as a part of state-linked operations from countries such as Russia, Mexico, China, and others. There are many accounts with foreign links that have vested interests. When you see the pattern with which these accounts function, it shows that they plan to create instability. Hence, it is very important to take swift actions against them immediately.  Moreover, one day after Parag Agarwal was announced to be the new CEO of Twitter, they introduced a new policy that could be crucial for the company's future. A Twitter user cannot use an image or a video of another person without taking proper consent from them. This new policy has surprised many, and they have seen a drop in the follower count, but this can be good for them in the long run.

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